Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Winter Storm Fun!

Tonight after I got home from work the boys really wanted to go and play in the snow, I have to admit I was reluctant. Toby was NOT into falling in the snow in the morning when we went out and Tucker was all over it...but I joined.
Toby did a lot of this. Just gaining his balance on this stuff that he said "it keeps movin' under my feet!"Tucker did a lot of this, face first dives, rolling around and just getting as wet as possible! ugh!We made a snowman together, had a fabulous time...Toby did NOT want his picture by the snowman, he was a bit intimidated by it. He thought it was cute and it made him giggle, but he just didn't need to stand too close.They had a GREAT time together, Tucker even slowed down for a few minutes to pose with his brother. Cute, fun, precious times....Then Daddy threw the first snowball at the dear sweet Toby Tob...
And then he clobbered Tucker (and they both giggled until they could giggle no more...) And honestly, Daddy needed a break from his studying for finals!

And then it happened...Tucker got hit in the face...oh, the woes...He bounced back and at the end of our 'escapade' he cleaned the snowballs off of the sidewalk that Daddy had cleaned up so nicely earlier today. Sep said, 'take a picture - someday I want to remind them that they liked shoveling the sidewalk...'Then, another cocoa...yum yum...Enjoyed by all, marshmellows and NOT small! :) I found one smushed inside my napkin at turkeys!


Lisa said...

Holy smokes! You really DID update your Blog! The boys are getting so big. Merry Christmas!

Jodi said...

What GREAT pictures! Enlarge and frame those puppies!! :)