Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pizza Making Fun!

Having a few difficult evenings with NOT liking what Mama cooked, I decided to let them cook their OWN pizzas the other night. We had a good time!
First, lining up the ingredients.Letting the dough rise...
All laid out and ready to be topped off!
The boys are lined up and so stinkin excited!
Tucker working on his...
Toby too, he may have needed a little more help!
A few pepperoni...
Fingers work REALLY good too!
I'm done!
These are so yummy to eat when Mom isn't looking!The boys pizzas and our calzones in the oven...Pizzas, finished product!Calzones finished product, successful night!

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Hannah said...

oh how i love calazones! those look delicious! and so FUN!