Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Parade Under Lights

Coleman has a great Christmas Parade every year that is all it up...It's a FUN time! Here's Bri with Jayna & Tucker waiting...The kids lined up with Bri for a picture! Toby, Autumn, Tucker, Jayna, Brianna.Jen & the cutie pie, Asher David! The boys LOVE their boy cousin! This might be his debut on our blog since being born in June. Aaron & Sep talked gadgets to pass the time...We didn't plan to watch with Carla, Aunt Vicki, Madison & Ava, but it was a welcomed surprise. Here's Madison waiting patiently!
Come it time yet?!?!?!
(Brianna, Jayna, Carla, Toby, Eryka, Tucker, Autumn, Ava, Madison) come the police cars!!!
One of the tractors all lit up, of course the picture does NOT do justice! And, I didn't get a picture of Nathan, Christina & Adam Clarke...their mega tractor had 12,000 lights we heard. It was so cool!!!
Another lit up truck...
Jerome Township Fire came over to the parade to drive their trucks. It's such a fun community time!
Here is J Ranck throwing some candy and had a great float for Peace on Earth...
The 'after' picture...Tucker's hands were so so cold...he cried and cried when we got in the truck. It was so sad! But here we are at home having a sandwich so we can have some of our candy!!!


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Hannah said...

Oh, wish I would have seen you there!

We started walking around and then found Grandpa, we didn't get much further! But, that was was good to see him!

Jennifer Bovee said...

I am so totally bummed that I forgot about the parade, but it looks like you all had a good time! I am glad that you are back to updating your blog...I so enjoy hearing about your boys' little adventures!