Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 BIG Things...

1....Mommy had no choice but to teach Tucker to pee outside today on the way home. NO facility in site...Yes, I will never forget this day. He thought it was SO SO cool. (No, there will be NOT be pictures.)

2...Sep is a carpenter at Design Craftsmen. He really likes the cool stuff they do....well, last night on Jon & Kate Plus Eight the museum featured has things from Design Craftsmen in it....and specifically things that Sep made! Enjoy the linked video (<2 mins)

Museum Fun

His hands were part of the crafting of the car and the tires. Here I thought the tires were real, but they are NOT! Although he did NOT do the excavator, he did play on it while in the shop still. Way to go, Lovee!

Monday, March 23, 2009

What's for Dinner??

I had to work from home later this afternoon and while I was working Toby came in and told me bye bye...he was going to school....so cute.For dinner we had spaghetti and you know, we rarely have it and not because we dont' like it...we just don't have it too often. Well, I think it's the first time at least Toby (if not Tucker as well) had spaghetti and man did Toby LOVE it! There wasn't ONE noodle left on his plate! It must be my secret sauce recipe!!!I removed the shirts from both of the boys prior to spaghetti...smart thinking by the looks of things! :)
I also made another recipe from The Pioneer Woman. It was so so yummy...I only took this yucky picture with my phone to send to Sep at work...but below is a fabulous picture The Pioneer Woman took of her Olive Cheese Bread...oh, so so so yummy!!!! YUMMY!!!!

I have to say...mine did look just about identical to this...oh, it is so yummy. Mom came down for dinner after she returned from a funeral and agreed it was delicious!After Toby didn't want to put his shirt back on and decided to add this hat...he was in rare form tonight!And, played trucks with much passion!Tucker joined with this construction hat that I think looks more like a German Army helmet...and they enjoyed their trucks tonight.
They enjoyed it so much that they broke one of Mommy's pretties while playing. You know...I'm ok with things breaking, I know it will happen. But, I'm NOT OK with it when it's done while disobeying. I had asked them multiple times to please stop. That is frustrating for me as a Mom...but I love them still...oh, so much! :)
This weekend we had a fun time with Rotavirus...ugh! NOT! But on Sunday since we couldn't go to church we sat and sang some worship songs...I wish I had pulled the camera out a few minutes earlier the boys were belting it out...but here they are trying with daddy until they say Mama with the camera! But you get get a SMALL peek here!

And then of course...just being brothers....those stinkers!!!

Slow Sunday...

We had ANOTHER Sunday at home yesterday. Last weekend the stomach flu, this weekend Rotavirus. But, we think the Rotavirus is gone...they boys have been good for about 36 hours now...whew! So...we took a drive yesterday morning just to get OUT of the house and ended up at Logan's for a sandwich. It was here that Tucker experienced his first peanuts and was LOVING them! The phone photo will have to do...

So, if you've never been to Logan's - you get to throw your peanut shell on the concrete (that will become important later) floor. Of course this was WAY cool...when he and I were shucking them I'd pile my shells onto the plate because I like to dump them on the floor all at once (I learned taht from Pops) So, when it was time to dump the plate I gave Tucker the honors. He grinned from ear to ear dumped the plate on the floor with glee. Oh, did I say dumped the plate, I meant dumped the plate!!! Yes, the entire plate...and yes the concrete floor came into play. ugh! That plate shattered into about 50 pieces. Um...waitress....

Tucker was looking right at Sep and I for a reaction...let's just say we HOPE it was an accident, but the sparkle in his eye may have the answer we did NOT want to hear! :)

I also made Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Thingies for a little snack after the boys went to bed. We both really liked them. I got them from The Pioneer Woman site. I also got the picture from there too. Our did end up looking just like this...and good enough that I'll probably take them to the next party that I'm asked to bring a snack!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Day...

Sep burned the edges of the pond today with the weed burner. PERFECT day for this.
It cleaned up the winter, fall growth so well.
I think he enjoyed himself a bit too much...

Grandma smelled the smoke and came on down to see what was giong on...she hasn't seen us in a few days since we've been sickly...and only agreed to hang out OUTSIDE...even though the boys are doing much better today (it appears, we'll see what the mroning holds) :)

Granmda brought some food down for the fish. They had a ball 'feeding' the fish. She also brought down some bread that had been on the quad all winter waiting to feed the fish again....(in the sand pit)

The boys really enjoyed this...Here's the big boy throwing the feed into the pond.

Here's Toby looking at me after I just stopped him from eating the BREAD THAT HAS BEEN SITTING ALL WINTER!!! It was stale and he thought it was good. He kept eating it instead of throwing it. Because of this, we gave him NO fish feed pellets to throw in! ha ha

A ride around the pond to see all the fish. So fun...

Then Sep just HAD to use his burner to start a bonfire from some odds and ends that we had cleaned up around the yard and some sticks....I have a feeling I'm going to need to hide the weed burner....

Tucker got quite dirty right before we came in and was stripped down after we came in (with no protest for sure) Here is after dinner sitting on the couch...he brought his napkin from dinner with him and covered up with it like a blankee...it was funny..

Then he saw me take his picture and tried to pose. What ham he is!

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Spring!!!

Happy First Day of Spring! The Blue Birds told us the other day that spring was close...aren't they beautiful?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shoemaker Life....

What's this cute boy surprised about??
Surely it's nothing this sweet innocent boy did...Like CLEAN OUT THE DVD'S!!!! Toby David!!! Tucker cuddles with Daddy after naptime...prior to Toby's awaking...sweet times with our boys, these times are...
Well, we always show the deer and neat animals around...we have an oppossum too...yuck!

A couple geese a couple weeks back were unsure why they couldn't get any fish from the pond...Fabulous deer...enjoy...Obviously, they heard the boys shooting them through the window...bam! bam!

Some of our video from that morning...watch at your convenience...

What is Sep reading???Oh, sorry, for those of you 50 and over it's more like this...WHAT is Sep ready (20 feet away)...
Instructions to his (now assembled) grill....Happy 7 years, lovee!!!!It cooked well...yay!
Toby wiped out while playing run around naked after bathtime!!!!
This is day 1. They glued the cut shut to the right of his eye. (3.8.09)This is day 2.Day 2 still and Tucker thinks it's way cool....this night at bathtime Tucker asked me to wipe the marker off of Toby's eye. Apparently he had enough of it. Today (3.19.09) it's almost gone and the cut is awesome looking. Go super glue!
And...someone figuredout how to flip out of his bed...so finally the day came where he got his big boy bed. Enjoy our fun morning....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bathtime Heroes!

So...I'm way behind on my blogging. From the looks of picture folders I'm about 3 weeks behind. Here is the Sunday morning sunrise the last weekend of February off of the top deck. Just gorgeous!!!

Daddy & Toby on a Sunday afternoon relaxing before the Tucker monster woke up from his nap too...Here Toby is telling Daddy about his piggies...and who went to the market...
Then, the shyness sets in place because he knows he's caught...

But it doesn't last for long! He was just showing Daddy his tonsils with the flashlight. What a cutie boy!Tucker awakes and the Wii fun begins!Our after-bathtime heroes!!! These two are crazy wild after bathtime...this WILL come back to get me in a few posts...wait and see... And, if you're tired of the posts of the HERDS of deer around our place than you can ignore these videos...but this was so cool. There is this 'herd' of like 15-20 deer that travel together and here they are out for dinner the end of February.