Friday, February 20, 2009

Bird Calls

Lunchtime fun with the bird book and Daddy today....

Thank you Jesus for my boys...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Orange Pee Party

I think this picture is self explanatory...(read below if you're lost!) It really is quite an amazing sight to see and Tucker is happy to show...just ask Grandma. She mentioned it and he was on a dead sprint to the potty to share!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's All Urine Pee Pee...

10 points for naming the man who can be quoted saying the title of this post MANY times during his lifetime! :)
Well, if you've read the below post, this will make sense. If not...see below...
Tucker's urine is officially a vibrant orange and he thinks it is so so cool! ugh! I hope there aren't any potty accidents for the next 5 days....that'll leave a mark!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tucker Update

Our visit to University of Michigan's Mott Children's Hospital went very well yesterday. As most of you know, last Wednesday Dr. Juarbe referred us down to the Pediatric Infectious Disease Clinic for Tucker's recurring MRSA...(Now, I back up for the full story...for those of you who may be unfamiliar.)

October '08 we were in Indiana to celebrate Mause's birthday (a fabulous party by the way) and when we were putting Tucker to bed one night we noticed what appeared to be a spider bite on the back of his right leg. We checked around his bed and such for the little critter and didn't see anything. The next morning while getting him dressed we noticed that the bump now had a head on it. I was concerned, but we were leaving the next morning. Sep 'popped' it later that night and it was very, very painful for Tucker and then I was VERY concerned. We left that next morning as planned and when we got home and were getting ready for bed this time I noticed it was still growing. I called our fabulous pediatrician in the morning. They wanted him to be seen that day (as did I!) :)

By this time the abscess/boil needed to be drained, Dr. Juarbe did that, and then sent it off to the lab to test, suspicious of MRSA. He gave Tucker 2 shots of meds in the office and sent us home with two more. The labs confirmed his suspicion, Tucker had a staph infection of MRSA. It cleared it up nicely after the 2 weeks on the meds...(and found out he has an intolerance to Sulfa drugs)... then about 2 weeks after he was done with his meds we noticed a bump on the back of his knee that was near some eczema. (a common place for his eczema break-outs for the Tuckerboy).

I called the Dr, got right in and it was determined that it again was MRSA. This one did NOT need to be drained we had caught it very early and it cleared up nicely after two weeks on the meds...then about 2 weeks after he was done with his meds we noticed a bump on his bottom near a very very minor diaper rash. Again, called the dr, got right in and it was determine that it was again MRSA. This one also did NOT need to be drained, we had caught it very early and it cleared up nicely. As well, Dr. Juarbe told us we HAD to potty train him NOW to help alleviate a potentially perfect environment for the bacteria to harbor. We did that...and Tucker has REALLY succeeded at potty training. Way to go, buddy!!

Now, although I say they clear up nicely I have to let you know the pain that Tucker experiences during this abscess/boils is immense, just immense pain! If any pressure is applied to the bump he jumps about 2 feet in the air. It is VERY painful for him.

So...back to the story, currently-the boil is on his bottom, and it cleared up nicely after two weeks on the meds...then about 2 weeks after he was done with his meds we noticed a bump on the small of his back near a yeast rash (what a wild place for a yeast rash) on the small of his back. I called Dr. Juarbe on Monday 2/9 right before they closed. He called in some meds said to start them tonight. He also said he wanted us to go to the Ped Infections Disease Dr in Ann Arbor and his LOVELY assistants would schedule appts when they were back in the office tomorrow morning. Well, I had to call before they could call me, because overnight ANOTHER boil/abscess had formed. (A third followed on Thursday)

We did catch them early, it was not early enough and was drained by his mama two times....remember how painful they are...NOT a good combo...I'm sure you heard the screams in Midland which is followed by a tearful, 'Thank you, mama, it feels better' about 30 mins after I've drained it.

When we saw Dr. Juarbe Wednesday morning, Dr. Juarbe saw Toby as well whose labs came back positive for RSV...Singulair and breathing treatments for him. We can do that! Tucker had blood work done and all test came back great. I actually just got a call this morning (Tuesday, 2/17) about the rest of his bloodwork, and his IgE levels should be 0-93 and they are 547 - this means he has allergies. But, that's OK - we already know that. :) We'll have a follow up with our allergist who may change his allergy meds.

Our Ann Arbor appt was set for 2/16, 830am. We arrived to the Pediatric Infectious Disease Clinic shortly after they opened at 8am and we were back in our room at 8:07 - GREAT service! The Dr came in a few short minutes later and spent a good amount of time with us and gave us A LOT of information...we were HOME about 12:30pm.

One of our main concerns was the recurring MRSA Staph infection. He set our minds at ease right at the beginning telling us that they see this often. There were actually 3 other patients being seen that morning for the same thing. He says...we all carry bacteria on our skin, for most of us, our body fights them off and they never become infections. Dr. Brownlee said that we could nose swipe all of the people at UofM and find that 1/3 of them are carrying MRSA and do not know it...from that number 1/3 of those folks would actually get an infection from it. Their body would fight it off before it became a staph infection. (Very interesting to me...)

He said with Tucker's eczema that it is his entrance for the MRSA from his skin...and maybe he's harboring the bacteria in his nose (warm, moist environment) and as most folks, it is not uncommon to have a runny nose occasionally during the winter months. He is probably, as most kids, wiping his nose on his hand or such and probably then scratching his eczema. The MRSA enters his body during the scratch, scratch, scratch and instead of fighting off the MRSA bacteria, the body fails and then the staph infection sets in. (Just ONE theory of how it keeps entering his body)

The treatment: Extend current antibiotics (Cleocin) from Dr. Juarbe out 5 more days and add another antibiotic (for those 5 days) that needs to work WITH the Cleocin. This will turn his urine and tears fluorescent orange he says - wow, thanks for the heads up on that one. I surely would have freaked out over that!!! He says Tucker will think it's really cool when going potty... As well, an antibiotic ointment was given for his nose. We will do this for 7 days and then again in a month for 7 days, and then again in another month for 7 days - to ensure it does indeed kill all bacteria in his nose. And finally, he will get a splash of bleach in the tub a couple times a week for the next 2-3 months. This will kill any bacteria on his skin, and yes, scalp that may be living on his skin.

They have complete confident that this will take care of it for him - so much confidence that we do not even have a follow up appointment. We will call them if we have any further issues.

Thank you for your prayers for our appt Monday, and for those of you who have prayed during this entire situation. We're praying that this new treatment will be the beginning of the end of Tucker's MRSA Staph infections!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank You Mause...

Here is a sick Toby...we found out today that he has RSV. He could not sleep so here's his cute little self attempting a snack in his pitifulness. He was burning up in this picture, and as most of you know he is also cutting EIGHT teeth right now...right after this picture snapped he regurgitated all of his trail mix - the pretzel hurt his toofers. He cried and cried and cuddled some more. Poor baby!!!By the time Tucker was up from nap Toby's tylenol had kicked in and they were enjoying their surprise that the UPS man brought them from Mause! An MP3 player!! Here's they're singing with 'If you're happy and you know it clap your hands..." Brothers and best buds! Ugh! I LOVE THEM!This is the best picture we could 'pose' for....Tucker, as you can see, handled the cheerio trail mix just fine!I think the MP3 player was playing the funk when Tucker had to turn his hat sideways. And, when Tucker dipped into his baggy for a treat Toby snagged up the player to hold it all himself! :)Oh...and then Tucker was done getting a bite and was NOT happy that Toby was holding it and he WAS NOT!!!! Sharing, Sharing...not an easy thing to do, especially when they're both sick. (Tucker has MRSA again...a post to come later on that)Posing nicely, but watching out of the ocrner of his eye to make sure Toby doesn't take it OFF of the table! ha haShowing Toby how to use it...Toby's belly CRACKS ME UP in this picture.Chillin and sharin long as Toby keeps it playing, Tucker is OK with him holding it. Since Mama reminded him that Toby is really sick....(Tucker doesn't realize how sick he is)Fun times! Thank you Mause!!! (Toby LOVES him some music!)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Fun Continues...

Let the fun continue...of all the room we have, Toby has found joy in the small crate in the living room with a few toys.Tucker inquires about the toys Toby is sitting on and attempts to, of course, get the one exactly on the bottom!The boys got new outfits from their Great Aunt Ila & Great Uncle Bernie and they were in LOVE with the hoods. They looked so cute, and hilarious! The sunrise this morning off the top of the kitchen. It was so gorgeous!And, our 6pm dinner guests. They've been pretty regular. The next few pics are blurry since I was trying to take them through the window.

Cute stuff...As soon as I turned off the camera Tucker said, "Hi Bucks...I'm Tucker..."

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ice Potties

Ice Ice Potty...too cold...too cold...Ha ha...that was messed up!
Potty training is going great. We had a week of setbacks when we moved; but Tucker is doing awesome now! And, he attempting to potty train his brother these days too. There IS a funny story in there...I'll share later. Here are the boys downstairs. When they use the downstairs potty, Toby now sits on the 'baby potty', as it is referred to, while Tucker uses the big boy potty. I believe he just saw a 'fishy'....use your imagination to see what the fishy floating in the potty really is...I think Tucker is saying, Dad why are you taking my picture in here and Toby is just saying Cheese!Sunday afternoon Sep enjoyed some time on the pond while the boys were napping. Coincidently...I couldn't not nap while the boys were napping because I needed to make sure Daddy didn't fall through! ugh! But, it was fun to watch him enjoy some augering and using James' underwater camera to see some fish.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Great View...

We sure are enjoying the view from our new place...Check it out...