Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh, Ellen...

This video is so stinkin' funny. I found it while 'blog surfing' tonight and it's worth your 6 minutes of time....while the entire this is quite humorous - there is a part where she says, "I love Jesus, but..." listen to her fill in the blank.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My OLDEST Brother

Way to Go, Justin! My oldest brother, Justin was named Firefighter of the Year recently and they had a nice article on him today in the local paper. Check it out!

I'm so proud of your accomplishments in the fire/rescue realm. It is a God-given gift for sure...

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Move...yes, again...

We had a great opportunity arise and are excited to be moving to a home that will be a long stay, we pray. We hear the neighbors a couple doors down aren't too shabby either...(HI MOM!) And if you'd like...we would love your help to move to our new home next Saturday, January 24th. We're going to start at 9-930am at our current house on and load up the boxes into trucks/trailers. (Bring a Truck/Trailer to share if you have one!)

We'll make the 2 mile haul and unload our life into the new home.

The more the merrier...we'll have some WARM Chili ready for all your hard workers when we're done!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pudding Pals...

Tonight at dinner Toby was having a hard time eating his food before he could have his pudding.

I walked away from the table so he would succeed and not just be mad at me...well, I turned the corner of the nook to hear Tucker say - just 3 more bites Toby and you can have your pudding. And then I saw Tucker feeding Toby his Pork & Orzo. Toby was eating it from him, so so sweet. Then Tucker got Toby's cup of pudding and fed it to him. Yes, a bit messy, but oh so worth it to see Tucker help Toby succeed.

What a wonderful 'Mom' moment!


I think there's one more bite left Toby...
(Tucker sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating, just like his Mommy...ugh!)


Oh, so sweet!!

Monday, January 05, 2009


For those of you who may not know...Sep often refers to me as Love or Lovey. Well, the other night while I was on the phone Tucker was trying to get my attention. (I know you Moms can relate) But, Mommy was on the phone...well, when I didn't respond Tucker resorted to Plan B. As he taps me on the arm I hear...

Lovey, Lovey, Lovey...

You KNOW I gave in to that sweet boy and got what he wanted. the meantime here is a picture to tide you over of two of my lovey's...we're in the middle of a 'project'...more on that to come soon...