Monday, December 22, 2008

Got Snow?

We came home from our long weekend of Christmases in Indiana & Ohio and were greeted with much WHITE cheer! We've already had a few good storms thsi year but we had rain a few days before we left to go down and there was NO snow when we left!
Sep shoveled enough last to get us in the house and then today he shoveled the rest out. We decided it was worth the effort to bundle up the boys real quick (for the FREEZE!!!) and snap a picture! WOWEE!

The pile of snow is NOT what he shoveled...that pile was from the sky!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The boys are playing together a TON!!! It's so fun to watch them...and hear, disagree, play and play... they're great! Here they are playing trucks.
Don't let Toby's cute-looking innocence fool you...that boy has tricks up his sleeves! He can take Tucker down in the swipe of one arm...and can take a toy from Tucker (or Auti) so fast you don't even see a streak go by!In case you can't read lips, Toby is saying....I was hilarious! :)Toby and Daddy resting on Thanksgiving afternoon. Oh, is that Toby & Daddy napping again??? ;) Well, maybe Daddy, but not Toby! It looks like he read Daddy to sleep! ha ha
Sep works so so hard for us. His shift is 530pm to 400am. It's so hard on his although I like to tease him that he took a couple naps on Thanksgiving, I can't even begin to tell you how exhausted he is. He's a keeper, that's for sure!
The boys had a great day at Mom's on Thanksgiving. Justin, Brenda and girls were there as well (Aaron & Jen and girls year with Jen's family) The next morning even though we let them sleep in until they woke themselves...they just couldn't get moving. I snapped this picture when they were lying next to each other chit chatting! They're such dolls!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Hope is in YOU!

As many of you have heard, Dow Chemical announced this week that they will globally be cutting 5,000 full time positions during 1st Qtr 2009. (as well 6,000 contractors) Many of you have asked if our family will be affected.

The answer...We don't know.

What do we know? We have HOPE in Christ. We'll trust HIM every step of this way.

Even if we personally are not affected by this step in Dow Chemical's transformational process we will know many families who will be. If God brings this situation to your mind, would you please pray (even now) for the families that will be affected.

Stay tuned...A more upbeat post coming soon!