Friday, November 28, 2008

Sep's Doe...

Sep got a doe tonight at 4pm. He's pretty pumped, and so are the boys!
I snapped a picture and Toby was checking out the hunt...
So, I thought I had all three looking but it was pitch black outside and apparently Tob is looking not quite aware of his surroundings! But, you get the idea! Sep looks great.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grammie & Papaw Visit

Grammie & Papaw came up for a visit this past weekend. I didn't take too many pics, I really wish I would have taken more! Here they are with the boys on Saturday night...getting some cuddle time in before bedtime.Grammie sneaks a kiss from the Tucker boy...Sep checks email instead of watching Handy Manny....AGAIN....
Papaw looks a bit skeptical in this pic with the Tob-man...
We had a fabulous time with Sep's Mom & Step Dad. The boys love their visit just as much!! Come back soon!!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mud Puddle Fun

Enjoy the pics from some muddle puddle fun the other day. The warm weather is behind us now...last week was GORGEOUS and already today it is chilly willy!!!
It doesn't get much more fun that this!!!

Toby's 1st Haircut

Last weekend we cut off Toby's curls! He looks like such a big boy now!! As with Tucker, Ms. Jen cut his hair and did a fabulous job!
Tickle Tickle on Toby's hair...he was a giggler...

So, when he got the chance he had to check and see what Jen was tickling him with!
Here's his trying to smile, but still concentrating grin... he's such a doll.
Trimming away those curls!

Happy Halloween!!

A fun start to Halloween! Justin, Brenda & girls showed up early and we had to take time for a photo op!
(L to R; Carly, Tucker, Taylor, Toby, Megan) Sep's Dad and Gail came up for the weekend. So, they went Trick or Treating with us while Sep was at work. We had a great time. Here's Brian with the boys. To say they were thrilled that Brian was here is an understatement!!!
Haring's were so cool, a bowl of candy, a bowl of chips, and a bowl of drinks and the boys got to pick from each bowl.
Toby couldn't stop helping himself at Steve & Pam's...
Tucker had a very hard deciding what to have at Michelle's house!
Aunt Jen gave away big ole candy bars...with a GREAT story attached...but Jayna & Auti were out trick or treating themselves! We ran into them when we were leaving, but didn't take any pics, sorry!
Loving on Aunt Jen...these guys LOVE Aunt Jen. Tucker has her picture propped up on the dining room table so he can see her every time he eats. Too cute. She's good to them.
Wrestling on Papaw...I think he's enjoying himself, eh?

Toby just takes it all in...MUCH different than his brother. Here Brian is getting him to loosen up a bit, I think! ha ha

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Great Updates

I have some great updates to share...

  1. A fun mud puddle playing day
  2. Toby's first haircut
  3. Halloween

And yet...I have not completed this! I intend to toinght. If you facebook, the updates are on facebook! :)