Monday, September 29, 2008

Just Life...

No big news around here...just a few fun pics of life for us...

Below, Toby is modeling the new boots from the Arrowoods...
Yes, Toby, you're cute...and so are the boots, but it's not too cute when you stand up in them! :)

We love to be outside...some pics of the other night outside...
So, this is Toby's story...he started crying and Tucker had NO IDEA what had Daddy scooped him up and asked him the story...
He started reliving the entire event...
But got so overwhelmed with the trauma of it all he had to stop and cry. It cracked us right up. He's such a doll.
Our beautiful big boy...TD
Just looking for bugs, I'm sure...
And...probably was successful...

The 'coupe' has a rest...
Mickey the kitty...we really like Mickey...
Sunday when we were leaving for church we noticed something different about Mickey...half of his tail is falling off...uh oh...Right now he and Minnie seem to have it under control, but we're keeping an eye on nasty as it is. What in the world????
Toby enjoys some pumpkin cake after dinner tonight...He REALLY enjoyed it. We all (including Tucker) thought he was so silly with it!

Tucker models the 'appropriate' way to wear a napkin...and announces, 'mama, take my picture!'

Look at those fingers covered in cream cheese frosting...
Did I get any on my face, mama?
Still wearing the napkin...
Daddy...did I get cake on my face??? By the way so glad you're home for dinner now. We think we like this shift the best.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Yesterday was Auti's 2nd Birthday Party. She turns TWO this Tuesday. Praise God for the way he choose Auti's life to remind us that he is still in the miracle business.

What? You don't know what I'm talking about? See here:

Autumn Faith

So...after all the hard partiers left Aaron decided to pull out Wii Fit and you will see only a small piece of the hug amount fun that followed...we had a nice time with all of our family yesterday and it was reminder to us that we need to do it more often. We're too busy!!!

Sep joins in on the fun

So, this is just has hilarious, but make sure to watch until the end. Toby joins the fun at the end and it, to me, was BEYOND hysterical!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Getaway

Last weekend I turned 31 and Sep planned a getaway night for us. Mom & Amber switched off watching the boys so they were in good hands. All Sep told me was to pack a bag with clothes to walk outside, walk inside and one dressy outfit.

He took the day off Friday (as did I) and we left when he got up from his late shift. We headed south and he he couldn't wait to share (and he shared the entire plans!!!)...he said we were headed to a Nature Center in Auburn Hills to hike, but we were bummed because it was raining....we still went and walked around a bit but it just wasn't going to work. We called our hotel, Crowne Plaza (Auburn Hills), and asked if we could check in early and they told us to come on over. It was a great place to stay. Instead of hiking we did the complete opposite at the hotel. We sat in the hot tub, jumped in the pool, sat in the hot tub some was so so so relaxing. After a couple hours of relaxing we got dressed for our dinner at The Melting Pot. We hadn't been there since moving to Michigan (2002) so it was a very enjoyable dinner time. I tried to take some pics; but forgot to take a pic of dessert!!! I guess we ate it too fast! ha ha Finally, on Saturday we slept in (a HUGE deal for parents of small children) and got up and went to Great Lakes Crossings where he had planned for me to get some clothes. I don't shop for myself too much, so it was a treat. And, of course we had to get the boys some picture outfits! It was a fabulous 2-day get away...what a sweet treat. By far, the best birthday I've had in a long time...thanks, Lovee...

When we got home we took the boys to SEars for their pics (last week's post) and after they rode a couple rides at the mall... cuties!
Thanks Mom & Amber for keeping the boys in good hands, and thanks Aaron & Jen & girls for letting us borrow the GPS. It was a lifesaver. We affectionately called her 'Lola'...if you've seen the movie RV that is what Robin Williams calls their GPS...a HILARIOUS movie. Oh, speaking of hilarious movies...after we got back to the hotel from dinner we bought Baby Mama on Pay per View. Holy was so stinkin hilarious!!! A must watch for a good, clean laugh!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

1-Year, 2-Year Pictures

Better a month or so late than never, right??? After we got home from my Birthday surprise getaway weekend (watch for another post to come...) we took the boys in for pics. The session was not one of their bests, but over all we got three or 4 poses we were very happy with! Cute boys!
This was like her first shot and then Tucker kept pulling Toby backwards and rolling him over and tackling him...augh!!!! Big cheese from Tucker Boy! (It's because he's devising a plan to get Toby...and Toby is just sweet as all get out...)
We really like this one. Tucker has his fake smile on, but this is really their life right now wrestling and enjoying fun together.
Tucker is Two!!! And, the meltdowns after this picture proved it! ;) What a turkey! But, the football sure helped! We liked how this one turned out as well.
Toby is such a cutie 'hangin' out on the 1!
Cheese - see I have two teeth on the bottom...and 4 that have been s...l...o...w...l...y... coming in since JULY!!!!
Toby as his big boy self...we really liked this one as well.
Tucker looks way older than 2 here to me!!!
Toby is cracking me up, ad Tucker is about to get him...see the next picture...
I will get his ear!!! Toby is on the verge of crying, screaming, laughing....after the snap of this picture Tucker pulled that ear quite hard and Toby wailed!!! But, I thought this one was CUTE!!!
Thank you God for the blessing of our two boys!!

I'm still trying to covince Sep to try for a little girl...he says we need to wait (and only still a maybe) until Tucker is out of daycare...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Founders Day

Last weekend we went to Sanford where Justin is on the Fire Dept. It's a great parade they put on and then just a small festival like time as well, the Fire Dept shows you how they use the Jaws of Life and's a neat day. It was a BEAUTIFUL weather day! Enjoy!!
Waiting for the parade to start....Tucker getting a BIT ansy...
Toby just chillin...what's new for Tob, eh?
Oh, it's starting!!
Tucker is getting his basket ready!
Oh, a fancy car!
The band came after the Grand Marshal's car and as you can see in the video, Tucker enjoyed the music from the High School band!

Hi band!!!
Look at all those flags! Cute little truck that apparently had a demonstration later, but we missed it.
Tucker was so excited when he saw Uncle Justin finally in the last fire truck that I forgot to take a picture! Here they are after the parade.
I wonder what this conversation was all come round these parts often, Uncle Justin?
Taylor joins in for a photo op and Toby is thrilled to have Taylor next to him. Look at his sweet expression. Taylor and her Daddy!
Justin gettig ready for the Jaws of Life demo.