Sunday, August 31, 2008

A New Post...

Yes, it's true...a new post. Special Thanks to my oldest brother, Justin who took proactive to my post of cries for help (as many of you also commented) and asked his IT guy to fix our computer. He sure did! Thanks, Justin! Thanks Pete! Now we're back in action! remember a long time ago when we were hatching the was a duck!
Here are two cute naked boys enjoying Tucker's birthday couch. They're really starting to play a lot together and actually really enjoy each other.PEARLS (our women's group at church) had PEARLS by the Bolenbaugh's. We had a small group come, but such a nice time. Although the water was quite chilly to say the least...(this was in July) I have a video of the night too and with Candy's permission I'll add it. (Don't hold your breath...) :) I'm so thankful that Rachel started PEARLS. We now have a daytime one and then PEARLS after hours which is what this group is for folks who cannot make a daytime women's group.
Cork, Penny and other ladies enjoying the company...
Rachel listening in...
We had a baptism service recently as well. This time it was held at the Roman's house and it was a very nice night. They have such a beautiful area for their pond/retreat.
A few of the observers (the AMEN group) :)
Tucker thoroughly enjoying the sand...
Pastor Dave (pddyer) gives a short devotional before the dunking began!

Mandy Geer was blessed to have her Grandpa baptize her along with pddyer. Mandy is a great girl. Since this picture she's gotten her hair all chopped off and it is so stinkin cute!
Ms. Spencer had her Daddy help her along with pddyer. I think I remember my Dad helping me a little older than Ms. Spencer...way to go, Doug & Karen.
Pastor Shannon, PS, (left) and pddyer. PS is asking his 'guys' to come forward...
These guys are some of the guys from youth that were being baptized the same night and in honor of their taking the step to say their lives are changed and to show their support for each other; they all entered the water together...
And, exiting! Way to go, guys! We expect big thigs from you all.
After it was all over, Grandma took Tucker to get his piggies wet. He waited so patiently!
Aw, they're cute.
Snack time (old house)...just looking awfully cute. Toby is not walking yet. Still a 4-5 step gant here and there....but he's catchig up to Tucker in height, that's for sure!

These boys love their cars!!!! (old house)
Mom had a day a few weeks back where she invited all of her siblings (and spouses) over for dinner. Not all were able to make it, maybe another year...but the ones who did make it had a nice time.
L to R; (Mom, Aunt Joyce, Uncle Harley, Aunt Linda, Uncle Jim, Aunt Ila, Uncle Bernie, Uncle Dick, Aunt Julaine) Missing are: Uncle Dutch & Aunt Alma, Aunt Wanda (Uncle Jim's other half), Aunt Linda's other half, Uncle Robert, Aunt Rosemary & Uncle Marshall. And...of course Dad. Mom is the baby (by far, a surprise she was!) and she is the only widow.

Toby giving Mommy...'the look'... Tucker playig around. Jen & I served Mom's siblings for the day and later on when they were having desserts in the garage Sep came over with the boys before he headed off to work. The boys were cute, as always...
Toby having fun with Uncle Bernie.
We went to the Midland County Fair this year (the boys & I) and the boys lvoed the animals! I enjoyed visiting with some childhood friends...there are no friends like the ones who have known you your entire life! Here Toby is about leapig out of the stroller as he sees the steers!
'Sit down, Toby David!'
Tucker really enjoyed the goats!
Here Katie is showing Tucker the turkeys...Tucker does a GREAT turkey gobble...I need to get it on tape.
Here Angie is showing Tucker the ducks...they put on a pretty good show for him!
And...we hatched another egg since we've been gone from blogger is a lizard that hatched. This one was even more fun than the last!
Tucker trying to get the best angle of the lizard and cheese at the same time!
Oh...we're to the new house! Here is Tucker in his big boy bed! He was so excited....until bedtime!
Toby noticing his crib is the same, just lower, and in the same room with Tucker! This house actually has 5 bedrooms. The boys share, ours, a toy room, a guest room, and a storage room. We're very blessed with space.
Tucker still enjoying his bed...two days later Daddy 'fixed' his bed because he WAS NOT doing well with it and sleeping awful. No big deal. He's only 2 - we'll try it later. It just wasn't worth the hassle right now of so many changes in his life. The day Daddy fixed it he took a nap later in the day and slept for 4.5 hours!!!! I had to wake him up!!! But...he was so whooped!
Toby demonstrating very well how pooped we've all been with this transition time...
Last week we got TWO KITTIES!!! The black one is named MACK, like the Mack Truck on Cars...and the Tiger one is named Mickey for Mickey Mouse...the boys favorite show of all time! ;) They're adorable!
Toby has mastered to climb on top of their picnic table in record time...yes, he was removed as soon as I snapped the picture!
A close up of Mickey...or Mickey Mouse as Tucker calls him.
Toby David - get down!!! And, Tucker moving the kitties in the background.
'This is Mack, Mommy'...the boys are very good with them...and the reason we got these from this litter is they have been handled by kids since day 1!!
Toby tried to pick them up by their ears at first. He stuck his finger right down in there like a bowling ball. Poor kitty!
The boy can't walk, but he can squat and drink on the step!!! My oh My!!!
Kitties eating away!
Two big boys wound up about their new kitties!

Monday, August 25, 2008


We made it....we had fabulous help. I can't wait to tell you about it. We're all unpacked...oops - that was a typo...we're NOT all is still good. We're very happy about our new home.

More to come soon. The computer is back up and working great...we lost our DSL when we moved; but we picked up Laptop Connect through AT&T. It's...good...very good...much better than dial up...but just not the same as our dear DSL...we'll adjust. We can do that!

Hope to be back tomorrow. I'm ready to be a good, regular, blogger again! With boys as cute as ours how can we not share?!?!?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Return....

Well, we're supposed to get our computer back tomorrow...I'll share the details later; but I think it's going to work out just great. Thank you for your words of wisdom (Joe Kirklin...and more).

And, it was nice to know too that some of you cared that we were AWOL for a little bit.

I hope to post this week if we get the computer back tomorrow (I'm posting via my work laptop right now) but if not it will be a little later...because...

IT'S MOVING TIME!!! Yes, we're moving this weekend...if you have a muscle to spare, we'll take it!!! 8:00am, Saturday morning, August 23!!!

If God brings us to mind this week and you have a prayer to spare, please pray that we're getting done all that needs to be...

See SOME of you (bless you!!!) Saturday morning!!! See the rest of you later, eh? ;)

Monday, August 11, 2008


This is the error I came home to on our home laptop Friday night after the boys and I spent the evening at Mom's. I called Dell and our warranty has expired.

Are there any computer geniuses out there that can help me?

When I talked with DELL today they said our hard drive probably needs replaced. Anyone, anyone, anyone know how to get our computer off of this blue screen that says UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME...we want out laptop back...and all of our pics from this year...oh, boo hoo hoo.....


Wednesday, August 06, 2008 pictures...

We're a little busy right now...

I will get back to blogging regularly...

I have no pictures to share...well, I do, I just haven't uploaded them...

We're moving to our new house (new to us) in two weeks...oh, wait is it three...the 23rd...

It's only 2 miles away...We'll have fabulous neighbors (not that we don't now!!) :) HI KENDRA!

Let the packing continue!!! The boys love the "new house"...lots of room for them to run around...eek! (I see stiches at the ER in our future...)