Monday, July 28, 2008

Hess Family Reunion

We had a wonderful day splashing in the water, rolling in the sand, eating yummy foods....and Mommy forgot the camera.

And, there are so many gorgeous kids in this family...

I'm sorry! I know most of you do not care; but I am really bummed I forgot the camera!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Hi friends,

Travis, Cynthia & 4yr old Markayzie, friends of Aaron & Jen's (and former neighbors), who have become dear friends of our entire family, are hurting today. Could you pray for them if God brings them to mind?

Cynthia gave birth Wednesday to a little girl, Jersey Katherine at 12:23pm. And, at 1:30pm she entered heaven. Although they knew she wasn't well I'm sure it doesn't make their hurt any easier.

Some of you have been through this exact kind of hurt and know how to pray for them. Please do. For those of us who do not know this exact hurt, we can still pray and ask the Holy Spirit to intercede on our behalf.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Toby Turns One!

We started the fun the night before where we put this egg in the water. Toby watched and cheered along as Tucker & I dunked the egg. Waht will it be??? A dino, alligator, horse, cow, duck, chicken?? 24-48 hours will tell! Cheese!
Wait...what are you guys doing again?
Here is the egg...
Egg in the water...
Gram comes in for the night! Sep's Mom & Brother came up for Toby's party and stayed the night with us. Gram camped out in his room. And somehow ended up in bed with'll have to ask her the story...
After the chillins were asleepin I decorated the cakes. Here is Toby's cake...And the bigger cakes for the guests that will come to celebrate our Toby who brings us oh so much joy! Can you tell what it is???
PaPaw picked up this dump truck that apparently was used as a push toy of the birthday boy! I missed the real event; but I'm glad that someone picked up my camera and snapped a photo! These guys really love playing together!
Sep & Brian enjoy visiting...
Carly taking it all in
I bought some of those punch balloons that were shaped like animals. Justin had a VERY hard time blowing one up! It was hilarious!
Jayna Jo plays with one of the balloons...
And, Taylor Tot does too, unfortunately she didn't get to play too long...this is the one her Daddy blew up and I think it deflated after ONE punch. lol
Taylor tries to blow it up after it deflated...I had to grab the camera. You'll see how it inflates and deflates as she attemps to blow it up. It was cute!

(Carly is not having a good moment in the background)

Toby tries the teter-totter...he's so close to walking; but not there yet!
A little Daddy, daughter time on the teter-totter. (Aaron & Jayna)
Aaron found out this week that he passed his Master test! He is officially a Master Electrician! I am so proud of him! We had a small cookie cake to celebrate that as well on Toby's Birthday! I don't think Toby minded a bit! Way to go Aaron!!! I'm so so proud of you!
Yes, homemade ice cream was on the menu...and after a minor misunderstanding that Mom fixed (and Justin & Aaron) the ice cream was done in a matter of minutes and was oh so delicious! (Oreo Cookie Ice Cream)
Toby is ready for some cake (actually I think he's ready for a nap!)
Before Mommy handed the bib out...
Checking it all out. He is such a mellow little boy. I wish you all could get some time to spend with him. He's such a sweetie. He reminds you to slow down and love...
Tucker is trying to help him eat...
I think Toby is not too sure why Tucker needs to be involved.
Tucker is processing the talk from DAddy about "It's Toby's birthday...this is HIS cake..."
It's good, but I'll just take my time...
Precious boy!
Finger licking good (Justin took some great pics for us!)

Mommy (and her new haircut) get the bigger cake out to cut!
Toby continues on! :)
Let's open presents before Toby falls asleep! A ball!!! And, when he looked at it, it was almost as if you could hear him whisper...My own ball...don't tell Tucker...He held tight!
A new bike, rocker, pushing combo!
Auti gets in to help...she LOVES her some Toby!!
Grandma & Carly take a water break. The sun wasn't intense until later but the humidity was unbelievable!!!
Yeah for lollipops!!!!
(L to R; Autumn, Jayna, Carly, Toby, Taylor, Megan, Tucker)
Toby is now down for a nap...Justin & family have left and after much asking Jen & I finally gave in and let the kids eat their lollipops!
Tucker was SO SO HOT!!!
Jayna opening it all up!
Auti was chomping away. It was quite hilarious!
The kiddos lined up eating their hearts away in sugar...
Auts wanted to sit with me and put her yucky hands on me so I pulled her back and snapped a shot.
Toby has awakened and all guests have gone home. The boys have some leftovers for dinner and Tucker cannot stay awake to save his life. I think I need to send these into AFV. They are hilarious!

After dinner Tucker is wide awake and is showing Toby how to use his new bike!
Toby thinks there is a malfunction...
I LOVE this...If he could talk I'm sure it would be - I thought this was MY gift! Get him off!!! Come on Mom!!

This pic is from today (Sunday) Uncle Johnnie got the boys some new outfits and they looked so sharp today (more pics of them on the right)
Yeah! Toby is ONE!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday our Dear Sweet Toby!!! You have brought us so much joy in this past year!

Love- Mommy, Daddy, Tucker

You've come a long way, baby!

That's all for tonight, folks. Party pics will probably come tomorrow!