Monday, June 30, 2008


A few of us went up to visit Aunt Ila & Uncle Bernie this past Sunday and it was such a beautiful night. They have a nice house on the lake and to our surprise...Daddy Swan greeted us! When the kids went running towards the water, Daddy swan came flying straight over to us. It didn't take us long to figure out that he was making sure we knew this was HIS area...and he was protecting Mama Swan and babies!!!!
Here they come...He's still on the guard... Grandma tells the kids about Papa Swan...
Tucker is in AWE!

Jayna points out where the babies are coming with their Mama!
Oh, they're coming in to the lady next door...she was feeding them.

Here she is sharing a loaf...Aunt Ila wasn't sure that the bread was good for the swans and babies. Jayna told the kids to throw grass in the lake and maybe the babies would come our way.

Pick that grass...
Auti Aut
Tob Man checking it out with help from GrandmaA friendly muskrat swims by...
More grass picking...

Aw, these guys are buds....Auti & Tucker
There is a big ole bullfrog in here! Can you see him?
I can't either, but I could when I took the picture! Toby REALLY wants to walk...

Sep & Uncle Bernie visiting a little. Uncle Bernie had some neat childhood stories to share. Have you seen the movie Secondhand Lions? Sep said he felt like he was living that movie while talking to Uncle Bernie. I thought that was hilarious! Hanging out on the porch with Grandma.
(Aunt Ila (Mom's sister) was around the whole time too; I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of her!)

Aw, the cute Tob-man. Oh, the wild children.Toby attempting that walking thing AGAIN!Tucker was HOT, can you tell by his face?!?! He had his drink gone in .2 seconds!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Birdie

Daddy & the boys found a baby Robin greeting them when they got home today...

And, in old but new news, the tadpoles are looking a bit different these days. A lot of them didn't make it all of the way through their days of morphing into froggies; but a good amount did.

The big tadpole we caught awhile back was indeed a bullfrog. The sad part is that we didn't recognize he was a big ole frog until he had passed away and the tadpoles were, uh, getting some nutrition...eek!

But...the tadpoles are growing legs. (the ones I believe to be the wood frogs) As soon as we see one finish changing into a frog we'll take them all back to their original home and set the rest of them free. It's been fun to watch them. We've all enjoyed it here!

Here are a few current pics of the tadpoles in their habitat. See if you can see the legs on the tadpoles, especially this one directly below.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tucker is 2!!!

We had the family over for a party on Saturday to celebrate the Big Boy! Tucker turned 2 on Sunday!!! What a blessing to our lives this crazy boy is! Enjoy the pics!

Surprise Surprise for all of us! Aunt Jessie and Baby Kyndall came for the party! Tucker was so excited to see both of them when he woke up on Saturday. Here is our newest cousin Baby K - she was born in Feb and is such a doll baby!
He wanted his picture taken with her...
And, then he watned his picture taken with him touching her. It was so cute!Papaw and Grammie Lindley were there too when the boys woke up . How fun! Grammie is reading Toby a Good Morning story. Grammie, Papaw, Aunt Jessie & Kyndall wanted to give their gifts before the party.I think Grammie is excited!!Aunt Jessie & K got him a basketball and trucks! He's LOVING Basketballs these days!And, this boy ALWAYS has time for another truck!Grammie & Papaw got him a Baseball thingy that he's been eyeing in the Fisher Price Catalog.The guests have started arriving and Carly is ready to check out the water!Swingy Swingy time...for Carly & Autumn, Aunt Jen & Grandma HessPapaw Shoemaker came too from Ohio (and Great Memaw Shoemaker). Here Papaw has some sweet time with the Tob-Man.Justin & Megan cuddling. (Grandma Hess & Great Memaw Shoemaker in the background)Some serious dinner discussion between Jayna & Tucker...they're good buds!Getting some food...Let the water fun begin! These kids were fun! Check out Justin's blog for some fun pics of the day too.Jayna's sporting the Target bag over her cast.Megan was SO loving this little pool! It was hilarious!The three that were all born three months apart. (L to R) Carly, Tucker, AutumnEating some cake after playing in the water...A little black frosting on the mouth is good for Thank you Kisses and Hugs... :)Fishy!!! Toby has gotten many a hit in the head from this pole since Saturday.BIG Truck!!! (and quite noisy too!)Choo Choo too!!BIG Truck from Papaw Shoemaker....(and three more!) They're really cool and really noisy!And, a couch from Grandma's Jayna & Tucker trying it out.Auti likes it too...Carly's ready for a nap...Uncle Aaron & Tucker attempt to put together the Choo Choo...I think Tucker has something to say about it.Auti is in on the fun now..."I think you need the fishing pole for this step, Daddy..."I'm not sure what's happening here; but Tucker & Auti are a bit concerned...Aunt Jen attempts to console...key word here is attempts... :)Tucker looking around at the remains of the party...winding down quick...It's done! And, so much fun!Tob-Man enjoying Papaw Shoemaker's firework show at the end of the day!

Whew! See you in a month for Toby's birthday! wowee!!!