Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birdies & Tadpoles...

We have baby birds!!! And, the tadpoles are still tadpoles!

First, the tadpoles. I'm pretty sure they are wood frog tadpoles and it says their period for changing it frogs is 1-2 months.'s been about one month. They are growing, that's for sure! Tucker & I went back in the woods and got some more water from the swampy area where their "sibilngs" are growing too (they're the same size, good thing!). Also there were some bullfrog tadpoles in there as well. We happened to scoop one up with our water so I included a picture of him. And, as I've read lettuce is good to give them to eat - so you may see some chunks of lettuce on the top of the water.

Second, the baby birds. We used to raise pheasants. We haven't for 2 years now for various reasons, but for sure will again someday. Their habitat was destroyed this past winter with all of the snow, so Sep was cleaning it out today and look what he found!!! He called me at work and I told him if was a nest on the ground it HAD to be a killdeer. (We just caught some killdeer babies at Moms the other night...another story) He said it was not a killdeer - there was no mama around going crazy! So...he called a bit later and said - it's a sparrow! I didn't believe him so I took a break from my work (so tough to do!) :) and did a search for ground nesting birds. I came up with a Brown Thrasher and showed Sep a picture. He saw the mama a few times today while he was working in the yard and yes indeedy it's a Brown thatcher. By the way, the first time he called he said there were three babies and one egg. When I got home from work to go take pictures there were 4 babies and no eggs! These are fresh out of the egg, folks! There time in the nest is 9-13 days. Stay tuned for updates as we can get them...and if nothing gets to the eggs!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just Fun Times...

I'll post more detail later...but we're going to stay here in Michigan! Woo Hoo! Sep got a job here in Michigan last week and will start Monday, 5/19. He's been home with us this week and we LOVE having him HOME!!!

For Mothers Day my boys got me a "Gold Diva Day" at a spa. It includes a 1 hour massage, a spa facial, and spa pedicure. (lunch & drinks) I can't wait to use it in the next couple weeks. Enjoy the fun pics below.

Our fearless Tucker getting ready to make a leap off of the recliner...There is NO stopping this boy! Did I mention he loves to be naked??? We insist on the diaper; but he attempts to pull it off continuously!
I got Tucker this truck at a garage sale and he just LOVES it. He asked if Toto (as Tucker calls him) could ride with him. Toby was unsure at first; but as you'll see he had lots of fun. It's now a regular occurence for them to ride so so cute to watch them playing together!

Toby is such a cuddler and he was snuggling so sweet with Daddy the other night. I'm sure Daddy didn't mind a bit! He wanted to snooze earlier than he should be; but DAddy was a softy and let him snooze for a few minutes until the mean Mommy woke him up for bathtime.A multi-tasking Daddy...

I love Garage Sale finds...I got this race car track for $2!! What a hit it is!!! Maybe even more for Daddy than for Tucker! ha ha They both do love it though!
Just some Daddy & Toby time...he's so sweet... And finally, it was very nice here on Saturday...we have this old lawn tractor we use for hauling weeds and stuff and dirt and odds and ends and mowing in the woods....well, we took the trailer and put a blanket in it and Sep pulled them around behind it and they LOVED it. They were so calm enjoying nature.
Right after this picture Daddy put it into gear a little too hard and Tob-man did a face dive. He was OK, but Tucker wasn't! He almost passed out from laughing so hard at Toby! What a stinker!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Toby & Tucker

Gosh, their names are even cute!!

Toby has been sick this week. He had a fever of 104-105 for about 4 days and was miserable!!! Finally on Monday they said he had an ear infection, enter antibiotic. Wednesday he has a reaction to antibiotic. Today...go to get another antibiotic to replace the one that was giving him a rash and get the rash checked out to be sure...that's all that it was. Long story short - he's ok. He has a double ear infection and just a URI. Nothing a little Zithromax won't help! Here's some pics from the other night when I was attempting to cool Toby down and Tucker wanted to get in the buff too! They're so cute...
Below Tucker is attempting to read the "Big Brother, Little Brother" book to Toby...he's just not a happy boy...

Seriously, everyone KNOWS boxes are a blast! Here's Tucker's fun tonight!

And of course, Toby just does his own thing!! :) He's such a blessing to our lives. I sure can't imagine life without our surprise baby, Toby!!!

Oh, and look what happens when you turn the box upside down and stand on it. Not only do you fall through because the box can't hold 32 lbs of a Tucker Boy...but then you FALL OVER because you get giggling so hard you can't contain yourself!!!

FYI...the tadpoles are growing, but that's about it. They're alive and well, just look the same as last week!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Crawling Tadpole Mosquito Eggs...

No, not crawling tadpole mosquito's a crawling Toby...well, almost! Here's a Toby attempting to crawl. Tucker was totally helping him UNTIL I brought out the camera, of course!!! :)

Tucker by the "tadpole habitat" at Grandma's...

A couple close ups of the tadpoles for my customers... :)

They are really growing and are all so so active. They seem to really be loving their new environment!

Mosquito you have this where you live? We pay for this in our township taxes, or maybe county taxes??? Yes, I think it is county taxes. Anyway - they spray for the mosquitos and man it works but when you hear the truck coming at night you have to hurry and close the windows if they're open.

This truck is not the big sprayer truck. Before they get the big sprayer truck out they go around with packs on their backs spraying down wet areas and such where the mosquitos breed. They came and stopped on Mom's road this afternoon and sprayed across the road. They actually spray Mom & Dad's back yard manually with the packs on their backs since part of their backyard stays damp.