Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Popsicles, Goose Eggs & Tadpoles

Tucker walloped his head really hard tonight on Mom's entry floor. Just lost his footing while getting his shoes and man did it hurt!! It takes quite a bit for our big boy to cry from pain and man he wailed and wailed. Grandma felt bad so she gave in and gave him a popsicle after her settled down a bit...oh, Jayna & Auti were there too (Jen too) so of course they got one too...the things kids will do for popsicles...eh? ;)
And, they then watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...it hypnotizes them sometimes...well, really just when they're sleepy... Auti...sucked in by Mickey the Mouse...(as Pete would say...)

Tucker Boy has NO idea Mommy is taking pics he's so enthralled! You can't really see his booboo. It's above his left eye right near his hair line. This picture doesn't really show it - it's more around the side of his head....
And, the tadpoles! Wowee!! They are LOVING the new environment...I know because they told me! :) The water has settled and it looks just like where their brothers and sisters are at back in the swampy area.

And, the tadpoles in action! I wish I could get extra credit for this science project! What do you think my boss would think?? Oh, speaking of work...have I got a story for you!!! Maybe tomorrow...I'm tired tonight and need to move laundry still...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Boys & Tadpoles

My view last night while we were watching Mickey and settling down for bed with some warm milk/formula.
Toby had his 9 month check up this past week and I was telling Dr. Juarbe that he was using a sippee cup fine and he said to take the bottle away...I couldn't believe that...he seems too young, but we tried it this weekend and Toby could care less. So, we had to help him Fri & Sat hold his sippee sometimes...no big deal! But, last night I sat his sippee of formula on the bed and he rolled over picked it up, rolled back over and drank it in what seemed less that 2 seconds!!! What a big boy!!! No more bottles at our house! I'm packing them away this weekend!!! :) I just though the picture of the two big boys and their cups was so cute... Last night while we were eating dinner Tucker said, "Mommy, I mess..." I looked and saw him pouring his applesauce onto his placemat. Yes, grabbed the camera. He proceeded to rub it into the placemat and then place his hot dogs on top smashing them...I stopped the picture snapping and told him he was done and cleaned him up! That stinker!

Toby is also moving to table foods as much as possible. Last night the boys had leftover Laripan potatoes, a hot dog and applesauce (Mommy was pooped!!) Toby ate all three! He loved being able to feed himself little bits of hot dog!

Sunday, while at Mom's, we enhanced our tadpoles habitat. Here's Tucker up on the 4 wheeler after Jayna & I returned with our supplies...Tucker checking it all out...it was a second later that Autumn stuck her hands in WITH the tadpoles. I think Jen passed out... ha haJayna & Taylor getting ready for the tadpole's big move...Our supplies...A new flat habitat container for them; our pots from scooping out some of the mucky dirt where they were born and some sticks, weeds, leaves of where they were. All in the new "bed". And, of course Auti's sippee cup...she dropped it when her Mom scooped her up to wash her hands off! ha haThe dumping of the tadpoles from the animal cracker jug to the new bed. These suckers are really growing!!! I read to create a habitat like this and my new friend Keetha helped cousel me as well...All done! Can you see them? Don't worry we couldn't LIVE either! Jen & I moved them to the table on the porch...you can see the water and sand starting to separate more.
Yuck-O!Now, you can see them swimming around in here...the water is really settling. When I was at Mom's yesterday (Monday) you could see them LOVING their new environment. But, I forgot my camera. I'll take pics today hopefully. We should have frogs soon...or should I say MOM should have frogs EVERYWHERE soon!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Two Years...

Tomorrow morning it will be two years since Jesus took Dad home to worship at HIS feet. I'm so happy for Dad...but I miss him just as much as that first week of shock. Thank you for your legacy, Dad...

You and Mom both set us kids up to succeed.... The brochure handout from the weekend of saying Good-Bye with freinds and family during the visitation and service.


Daddy was feeding Toby this morning at breakfast and Tob wasn't too sure about the Peach yogurt. Just some cute pics and video - enjoy!

And...here's Daddy teaching the boys about the "birds of the wild"...

And, finally - Mommy getting some tickle time in before bedtime...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Popsicles & Tadpoles

Wednesday Night at Mom's...always some fun with the cute Shoemaker boys are involved!!
Often after I pick up the boys from daycare we head over to Moms so the boys can play with Aaron & Jen's girls outside and Mom & I get to visit - it's becoming what we do more often than not. Well, Mom LOVES to pass out treats to the grandkids and popsicles are the favorite!!! (Well, spray cheese probably runs a close second!!)
Tucker, Autumn & a cute baby enjoying popsicles!
Hi Mommy...we're being good...and SILLY!Grandma, We're being silly but don't tell Mommy...Uh-OH...now the picture can show Mommy how we're being silly - that stinkin' baby doll!Tucker: Auti...Mommy took a picture of the baby doing a headstand!I picked up Taylor (Justin's oldest) on my way home to join us in the fun today, I think she's making sure Toby doesnt' fall off the horse!He's getting so strong!Jayna is telling us about her Ba-gel....not Bay-gel...silly girl!The "Big" Girls...Isn't Jayna's new do adorable??Tucker apparently didn't get encough of the BBQ Chicken, eh?
Taylor and I took a quad ride back into the woods and got some "fresh" water from the swampy area that Jayna & I found the frog eggs...and here are how big the tadpoles are getting!!! If you can enlarge the picture you can see their "legs" forming...I think they're legs!
I don't think there are any left that aren't hatched and they are VERY active!
Here's the "fresh" water...ha haWhen I poured it in they were going crazy swimming like wild!