Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Afternoon Snack

After we get home from work & daycare we are all usually looking for a snack...what's for snack today you say??? Apples...I bought some juicy Macintosh apples yesterday and we love 'em!!! Even the Tob-Man!! What? Toby ate an apple too?? Well, he gummed it and thoroughly enjoyed it. (and we had some cups of water too, Tob likes to act like he's using the sippee...)

Only profile shots of Tucker - we watch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when we get home too...and he LOVES Mickey!!

What else do we do to get comfy??? Take our shoes & socks off! As super hard as it is to have Daddy home these times will be special memories for Mommy & her boys! I love 'em!

Who can resist that smile!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just life...

Nothing much here...just life...occassionally a sicko here and there and still missing Daddy more than we can even tell you! We LOVE our weekends with him...please pray for us as we make some decisions. Enjoy the pictures of us just doing life...
Ride 'em cowboy!!! This cowboy doesn't know a casual trot...just a fiery run!

Toby playing with his Valentines gift from Mommy & Daddy...a cute penguin that acts like a boxing dummy...and sings...Toby is asking me what his brother is up to...is he about to body slam me, Mom??? Because unfortunately, this DOES happen often!!! augh!!

I'm so cute saying HI to my favorite Mommy!!!
Life is so good for this Tob-Man...he's all smiles often! Since Daddy's been gone we've been cuddling in our bed (all three of us) before bed and having our milk/bottle and watching Mickey. Tucker got all ready the other night, you never know if you'll need a stocking cap while watching Mickey Mouse or not! - it seems to be "our thing" to make things work. What a special time...
Tob thoroughly enjoying a biter biscuit at the end of dinner the night we got home from Marion.

Messy, Messy!!Did you know there are many uses for a step stool???
I can climb through it the opposite way Mommy wants me to!!
And finally...the ladybugs have started to arrive in our neck of the woods. Looks like it'll be a tough year of ladybugs again. It makes sense since the last couple years haven't been so bad...but regardless, Tucker is loving the bugs. He's just so mesmerized by them as you'll see in teh fun videos (if you want to take time to watch!) I know Daddy will!!!
(The last one is hilarious...the first three are bug catching fun)

Mwah! We love you so much, DAddy!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Eyes for Daddy...

We're in Marion visiting Daddy. We arrived last night and got settled in our hotel and will leave tomorrow and head to Richmond for the weekend to visit Sep's family and meet our newest niece, Kyndall!

Think about this...what would you do...you're traveling alone with two young children - let's say 18 mos and 6 mos just for the fun of it! - you have to go to the bathroom...what do you do?? The 18 month old has a dirty diaper - what do you do?

It's absolutely worth the extra effort to see Daddy...you can tell by some of the pics we snapped last night.

I thought this looked hilarious and had to take a picture. This little Tob Man is absolutely attached to his Daddy when we get to see him these days!!

I asked Grandma Hess made Toby a new blanket like Tucker's since he was trying to steal it. Well, Grandma sent it with us and here is Toby checking it out. It was so cute...he LOVED it and seemed to try to eat the frogs. And...then he broke it in last night...good thing there's a washer/dryer down the hall, eh? :)

Just hanging out with Daddy...

Wait a minute, Toby says - I have something to say...Did anyone notice that Daddy is in the room? :) Aren't they CUTE boys??? We sure love them to pieces.

No pictures of me (again) but I have eyes for Daddy too! I'm so blessed to have him in my life. Happy Valentines Day, Lovee!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I'm kind of digging this "Valentines" vibe we've got going on now...I know it's not the snowmen, but isn't it cool???


I messed up our blog last night. I think I'm getting it pretty much back to how it was! But...if you're missing from the link list - I didn't boot you off...I just have a bad memory! Leave me a message and I'll add you!