Thursday, January 31, 2008

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Fun NEVER Stops here!!!!

Toby's new found life of freedom movement...he likes to hide his head up in the top corner of the crib. Since his newfound freedom, we have taken the toy out of the corner!Tucker - hilarious - nothing else to say- this is NOT staged. The boy LOVES his hard hat! (And, what boy doesn't love to have his shirt off!) A few days later...

Tucker - Scarlet Fever

Toby - Roseola
Daddy has come home to help! Thank God!!!
(Although Grandma was a phenominal help until Daddy could get home, but she needs to get better herself!)

The boys enjoying Daddy...
Tucker reading to Toby tonight and Toby bored enough he has to get another book for Tucker to read.
When you're sick sometimes the hardest thing to do is to get's Toby attempting to do just that!

Toby awfully comfortable for sure!
Tucker obviously not very comfortable!!!

Fortunately, Toby has not been uncomfortable at all. Tucker on the other hand has been very uncomfortable since Monday when Daycare called me at work and said he had a fever. He ran a fever of 103-104 through Wednesday. The highest I saw it on the thermometer was at the drs office on Tuesday where it was 104.4. I was scared. Dr. Juarbe reminded me that he would be fine and to basically toughen up! They did some labs on him and then also brought out the "big guns" as Dr Juarbe and nurses put it. They gave him a shot of something that was so potent they had to split it into two shots (one in each thigh) and it burns so bad they mix the antibiotic with lidocane (sp). Tucker was in much pain. If that wasn't enough he had two throat swabs, blood drawn and a urine sack. He was very well spent!!!

The antibiotic did the trick though. His fever broke late Wednesday and his rash was gone!!! He's still not himself and needs to start drinking more!!! He's absolutely refusing to drink??? Why??? If you know, PLEASE tell me! Please pray for our boys - they are doing much much better, but still have a ways to go. (But at least they're no longer contagious!!)

And the following is pictures of the Tob-Man's roseola so if you don't like rash pictures don't go any further.

A stretched out belly - it's blurry but it makes me giggle!Poor baby looks goofy! :) But, a cute goofy!! :) And finally...Sep's sister, Jessica and her husband Anthony, JUST (like within the past five minutes (it's 8:47pm) had a baby girl))
Kyndall JoLea - 6lbs 10oz; 19 inches;

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fire Truck Fun

Uncle Justin is Luitenant of the Jerome Township Fire Dept. He invited me to bring the boys down so Tucker could see the big trucks. It was a wonderful invite - keeping Tucker's evenings busy keep him from walking around the house saying Dad? Dad? He seemed to enjoy himself but was a bit overwhelmed with the size (& sound) of the trucks....but he warmed up!
Uncle Justin puts him up in the biggest truck! Wowee!

Tucker taking it all in... Taylor wanted to pose with Tucker.
He had to check out as many seats as he could. It was cute.
Looking at Mommy for a picture.
Cute kids!
But there was a puddle of water too so he had to stop and take a break to create a little mess...boys will be boys... Isn't it so cool how God made boys & girls SO different???
Mommy!!! I'm going to get you wet!!!!
The long view of the big, new truck. You can see Grandma, Toby & Taylor down there...
Tucker getting ready to jump off...Mommy kept telling him to hold on, please!!!
Tucker was so excited about the trucks but when Uncle Justin went to put him up in it he got a bit nervous. Uncle Justin blew the horn right after I stopped recording and wowee was it loud! It gave us all a good scare!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Catch Up

I know...I all got so used to my frequent updates and now I skipped a couple days. :) Um yeah...I think no one missed me... ha ha Well, I know one man who IS missing me! :)

Anyway...we didn't take any pics this weekend just thoroughly enjoyed every minute together as a family. But we did take a few when Daddy was leaving to back south.

We got a nice snowstorm Sunday - Tuesday AM and it was a lot more than I expected, but it sure is gorgeous!! I took some pictures around the yard and then one of Mom's walkway to her backyard...a VERY pretty snowfall!!!

And...finally, tonight we went to Grandma's for dinner (I had to work late and she picked up the boys and had dinner ready for me) For the kids playing pleasure...Aunt Jen, Uncle Aaron, Jayna & Auti were there too. The kids really enjoyed being together. We've all been so sick we haven't seen much of each other and it was cute!

Jayna-bug frosts some cookies she and Grandma made for dessert. She is SO grown up!Mom holding the Tob-man and acting goofy...What are you doing, Mom??? :)Toby had to share Grandma's lap with Auti...she was a sleepy girl!!!Tucker & Jayna playing...they were funny!!! Toby was enthralled with Aunt Jen's voice tonight...Tucker reading Mommy the tractor book while wearing a necklace (we knew Daddy would like this one!)Tucker & Auti just playing...
Everyone loves a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!Tucker steals a kiss from Auti - they've been missing each other. too cute!!!Auti uses all means possible to get to the couch...including her sister's body!!!The infamous - "I don't know what happened" face..Jayna & Tucker reading together - she is a good big cousin who is getting smarter every day!! Today she showed me the stories she wrote (in FIRST Grade!!!!) WOWEE!!Grandma must be having story time...Jayna joins in on the fun...and the snowman has entered the conversation.Uh-oh...Grandma is showing us that the snowman's leg is broken!Auti says...not me...was it you Tucker??Auti saves the snowman from Grandma - maybe SHE broke his leg! Uh -oh it looks like Aunt Jen is taking Auti home...I have to say good bye...or maybe I can go with her...I'm getting my boots, hat & gloves on (with my sleeper!!!)...wait for me Aunt Jen...Oh wait, Mommy says I'm going home with her and not Aunt Jen & Auti Faith! about a good bye kiss for your favorite cousin???She's all for it! They're so cute together! Good night Auti!!

(Or as Tucker says, Aut! And Auti says, Ucker)