Monday, December 31, 2007

The Quarantined Household

Daddy & Tucker having breakfast at Tucker's table - too cute. Tucker has to copy Daddy...

What a few days it has been!!! Friday night ended with a call to 911 - Tucker was gasping for breath. He was much better by the time they arrived and admist the snow storm we chose to drive him on our own vs. the ambulance ride (wouldn't we have to drive anyway for a vehicle home??)

to the left - who doesn't need some goggles on while running around the house!

to the right - what a big boy trying to stand and lean all the time these days!!

We got home about 1am and Tucker did GREAT at the hospital. He was diagnosed with RSV. When we "checked in" with the Dr on Sunday he had us go back to the ER for another check up and while we were there he seemed to start his turn around. Even though he's doing much better than even Friday, he's feeling so yucky!!!! What a trooper he is being and he feels so poopy!!

Oh, what an adorable Tob-man...don't you just want to kiss those cheeks (or I mean jowels!!!)

We go for a check up on Wednesday to get the OK to send him back to daycare and such. We'll take Tob with us since he's got a cough that won't end...and is starting to get a runny nose. The Drs all think it's inevitable that Toby will get it too; but we serve a GOD that is bigger than RSV!!! Please pray for Tucker's healing and for protection over our Tob-man!

I have so many pictures and fun stuff to post, especially since we've been quarantined for too many days now!!! I'm sure I can find at least one cute picture to add to the post....just so you'll read it all and pray for the Tucker boy!!!

Tucker is "reading" to Toby. They're just starting to really interact and it's so precious! (Please ignore the chaos of toys on the floor - we don't do pickup all day long, just at the end of the day!!) Ok...I found many more than one to I'm off to bed to watch the ball drop if I make it that long! ha ha

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tough Boys!

LOVE the new matching shirts! Lots of pictures yet to come - hopefully this weekend!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Haircut...

Tucker got the "little boy" haircut today. It's much more advanced than the first haircut! :) As surely you've been able to see, in person or on computer, this boy has MAJOR cowlick issues. His hair often resembles a peacock!

Regardless...Tucker received another haircut tonight by Miss Jenny once again. We started out just trimming, but it was not helping...we (Jenny, Sep, Kyle, I) that he needed a high 'n tight little man's hair's his new haircut after bathtime tonight. We were waiting for his milk to warm's not the best picture, but it'll give you the idea!
He looks like such a big boy!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tis the Season!

We finally set up our tree tonight and much to our surprise Tucker is doing very well with keeping the ornaments ON the tree. He LOVED the bins in the house. There were three in the living room and we lined them up and he jumped from one to another. He was so wound up excited. He's so fun!!! Enjoy the couple videos of Tucker putting on a show!

Tucker trying to cross the "river of branches" to get some sort of toy...
Later in the evening we attempted to take some pics of the boys in their Christmas PJ''s a sneak peak...I can't show them all or even close to some of them since I want some of them to be a surprise when the Christmas letter arrives!! .

I'll post the card/collage when its complete and the cards have gone out!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What do you want...

So, what do you want when you're feeling yucky?? Tucker wanted his Wiggles slippers. They're so cute. I'll post some videos tomorrow of our day at home today. Tucker was not himself; but bounced around quickly after his afternoon nap.

Here he is reading a good book it looks like! Checking out to see if the cars go vroom vroom on his feet!!
Just looking can see the empty water bottle in the picture that he loves to drag around the house.
Uh-Oh...he's coming to get me and Tob!Tob is so excited to see his big brother, but Mommy is nervous about his feet so close to Toby's head!Tucker seeing how close he can get to Tob without kicking him! He attempts to leave and Toby grabs his leg to pull him back!!Oh no! Out of reach for the Tob-Man!

New Colors...

New Layout colors for my new blogger stalkers - you know who you are. A little Maize & Blue will do your Wisconsin heart a little good! :)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Shoemaker Men

Here are the Shoemaker men over our Thanksgiving weekend at Papaw's house. What a great picture. We hope to post more pics this weekend - looks like we'll be snowed in and will have plenty of time to do so! :)