Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Growing Little Boy...

Toby is a growing little boy!!! We pulled out the next bin of clothes out of the closet for him to start wearing and apparently the camo outfit is a little too small. They ladies at daycare got a good laugh, and so did we, that everytime Toby would eat his shirt would roll up over his belly...HILARIOUS!!!
Isn't he a doll!?!?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A few things here and there...

Toby is really enjoying watching Tucker. It's fun to watch them begin to interact

Tucker is still VERY loving to his little brother...

Toby still keeps a good eye on his brother thought because his actions can change at the drop of a hat!

We bought a new vehicle. I keep forgetting to take a picture in the daylight - so this is the best you get!

Um...we dressed the boys up in their Michigan gear today; but it didn't seem to help them win...this years rival goes to OSU as much as it hurts to type it! Most of Tucker's Michigan wear was disposed of one piece at a time. He still had his Michigan pants on, but you can't seem them in the picture. They're still cute though!

Toby smiles what seems like all the time...he's such a good boy; both of our boys are. We have really been blessed. Don't get me wrong they have trying moments and they're A LOT of work; but we are very fortunate!

Tucker & Daddy are OFTEN stinkers and here is proof!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Total Loss

We received a call today that the Mountaineer indeed is a Total Loss. The search is officially on for a new vehicle...Please pray we'll be making a smart decision financially.

Friday, November 09, 2007

All is Well...

Have you seen those commericals for AllState that say that accidents happen when you least expect it?? Well, that was me (Allison) Thursday. Here is how our day went down:

My truck (Mountaineer) was in the shop for a repair. We got the call Wednesday that it was ready and we could come and get it. Thursday AM Toby had his physical therapy and Sep & I both went and afterwards went to pick up my truck ($200, paid). Sep & Toby headed back to Coleman and I headed into work. I took a couple street detour to see if the city had picked up Grandpa's leaves we took to the curb. Then...I was thinking about the things to do for the day...then...I ran a stop sign...

I am very fortunate to be as well off as I am. I was broadsided and then pushed through to a head-on into a tree and stop sign. No official word yet, but we've been told the SUV is a total loss, which is no surprise by the looks of things. And again, fortunately, I am off with only a few cracked ribs. Nothing some rest and some pain meds won't help heal. I am sore, but definitely nothing I can't handle.
Both air bags deployed and they think that's where most of my injuries came from. My right arm broke the center console; but it just gave me a bruise. I have some itty bitty scattered cuts (road rash) from the shattering glass. I have a bruise the size of China on my right chest that seems to be continuing to grow a peninsula in it's size! I'm stiff...that's it...that's totally it and I'm so very thankful.

When the airbags deployed the powder pushed me into a mild asthma attack. I got out of the truck and stood in the middle of the intersection and the man driving the S-10 that hit me asked if I was ok - I was not at the time. He seemed fine. A lady came walking out of her house across the intersection about 50 ft away and I mouthed to her "I need help". She called 911 and brought me blankets. She was a wonderful blessing. The firemen got there and gave me some oxygen and I was fine very quickly. Shaken up, but fine. In the meantime I called Sep and told him to come immediately that I was in a bad accident, but I was ok. He called Aaron who was working right around the corner. (I didn't know that he called him)

I was sitting on the curb with blankets and oxygen and up walks my brother...I was so happy to see him!!! He was so caring and loving towards me - the man in the other vehicle had an obvious broken wrist and his back was bothering him so they took him in an ambulance. I chose to go in a personal vehicle to the hospital. I was ok - but needed to be checked out. Before we left the scene (and I got my ticket..boo hoo) they had already replaced the stop sign. I was very impressed by this for some reason!! Justin followed us to the hospital, Sep met us there. Justin gave me his one check over (he's a volunteer firefighter) and then offered to go get things out of my truck. At this time the nurse says - look at this:

Yes - the force from the airbag bent a prong on my wedding ring and the diamond is lost. This made the day even better as I'm sure you can imagine. I felt so loved by my family and friends this day. My husband was the best thing in the world, of course - he always is for me. My brothers stepped in with nothing but care for me. My Mom came to my side in the hospital...she needed to be there as much as I needed to see her there. Our dear Jeannie brought her to see me...My sister in law, Jen, came over from work and prayed with me while we were waiting for X-ray. Pastor Dave met us at the hospital and stayed with us until we knew all was well. I felt very loved - but in much pain still!

Now after we left the hospital Sep & I went to go see the truck since he obviously had not seen it. Mom wanted to go as well, so she and JEannie followed. We took a few pics and got out a few things that Justin missed - little things. Then I decided to go look for my diamond since Sep & Justin were unable to find it. The first place I looked as in the sand by the edge of the floor mat. LOTS of glass on the floor; but it's tinted green. In about 10 seconds I saw a chunk that was not tinted green....look was it was:

As I said earlier the ER Dr says I have a few cracked ribs. Now that I'm a couple days past the accident I think he's right on. I've never had pain like this. It's a very different kind of pain and hard to describe - and not the kind of injury that is good for a Mommy of a 16 month old and almost 4 month old to have!!! Especially when Tucker Boy loves to body slam....aauugghhh!!!!! That is all I can say!!! Oh...and in case you didn't catch it - that's right - I totaled my vehicle about 15 minutes after I got it out of the shop for a $200 repair....and ironically enough the mechanic called Sep while Sep was on his way to the hospital to tell him he thought he left a tool under the hood - Sep told him it was probably a loss. ha ha

Thank you to many of you who took time to pray for me Thursday - it was needed and felt, for sure. I'm so thankful I was alone. It was a very scary time; but I am A-OK - I will heal...and trucks can be replaced, and rings can be fixed. Although I'm pretty sick of shopping already...and who's the woman who said she'd never have a minivan??? Oh, yeah...I want one...

Right now our Insurance Company, who has been WONDERFUL, (Liberty Mutual) has us driving this until the appraisal on my truck is completed on Monday. A 2008 Chevy Impala.

Today we test drove these two...

1. 2005 Chrysler Pacifica - LOVE IT

2. 2008 Chrysler Town & Country - LOVE ITBut...we'll see what we really end up with...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I never gave a hoot about Daylight Savings Time until last year when we had a child to go through Daylight Savings Time with us....Now we have TWO to go through it with us...and I'm all about getting rid of Daylight Savings Time...

Anyone else out there have young ones waking up an hour early and have the tired whineys an hour earlier in the evening??? I can't remember how long this lasted last year; but three days has been plenty already for me...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Friday, November 02, 2007

Our Leafy Fun Continued...

As promised - here are all of the pics from our Leaf Raking fun.

I (Allison) took pictures while running after my boys so I'm not in many and neither is Toby since I was "wearing" him. (He shows up in the end with his MICHIGAN hat on) We had a nice time - got a lot done in a quick amount of time and ended with dinner all together at a restaurant - 10 adults and 9 kids!!! WOWEE!!! Good memories....sure missed Dad for this memory!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fun Halloween Night

Our church does a "Trunk N Treat" every year and of course we always work our tails off for it. Here are some cute pics that were taken...some of the boys; some of their cousins, some of their friends. Enjoy!

Toby & Tucker. Toby's hat is making his ears stick out like a real clown! Tucker was so cute! His costume even giggled! Thank you, Aunt Jen!!! Here are Tucker's friends, Madison & Tori.
Jayna was, of course, a cheerleader - in PINK!!! Her friend Rayna is with her. She was a cute horse!
I'm not sure who got these guys off of the side of the road; but I here they often wear blue and khaki and stand on the sidelines at the football games and go by Coach.... Right, Pastor Dave Dyer and Jason Scott???? :)Auti was a beautiful flower!
Toby is having a deep look at Jamie (Tori's Mom)...we LOVE her!
Our pumpkin in the pumpkin decorating contest...we were the only entry - I did it to be a good sport and wa-la we were the only ones!!!
Taylor came up to see us before the party began - she was a gorgeous, Tinkerbell?? I think...
And Crazy Carly (I LOVE this girl) was a darling care bear!
What a doll baby!!! We'll keep him for sure!
Oh...Jayna's wild nails!!!!
And one last picture of Auti posing so quietly and calmly...she is NEITHER!!! And we LOVE her that way!!!
In case you may have forgotten how far this miracle has come...maybe a reminder for our blog friends...below are a couple pictures of her on her birthday September 30, 2006. So, if you're wondering if God is still in the miracle business - here's our proof that HE is! Look what He's done with this girl!!!