Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Work Day!

Yesterday after attending Aunt Revah's funeral we went down to Grandpa & Lola's to rake their leaves. The kids had fun with Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Hess - and lots of work was completed. I'll post more later; but here is Grandpa & Lola with all of the great grandkids from Mom & Dad (and Ian too!)...such a great picture.

(L to R) Great Grandma Hess, Toby, Jayna, Carly, Taylor, Megan, Great Grandpa, Ian and in the front...Tucker & Autumn. Autumn LOVES Tucker - can you tell by the look on her face? And it looks like Tucker is doing a little jig for you all...ha ha

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Toby's 3 Month Pictures

We had Toby's 3 month pictures done this weekend...too make a long story short - we LOVE how Sears Portrait has done our pictures with Tucker...to say the least this was not a good experience and I think a few of the pictures really show that. I had to do some photoshopping on some of them to make them semi-acceptable!!! Good thing our boys are adorable and take good pics even in undesirable circumstances...

Isn't Toby a gorgeous boy?? And he & Tucker together make us smile so big!!!
Thank you GOD for joy.

Daddy holding his baby boy!

Tucker's smile is so contagious here!

Tucker was helping Toby to smile by sticking his finger in his ear!!!

Aren't they precious!! He looks a bit uncomfortable... :)He seems a bit unsure of this pose ...But I'll smile anyway...my brother, Daddy & Mommy are here...I cannot even comment on this picture...This is our favorite by far and really shows his personality. He's such a happy boy!!! He's smiling like 90% of the time these days!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Farm

We went to a local Pumpkin farm this past Sunday Evening with Mom. We had such a nice time. It was wonderful weather and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you Grandma for taking pictures for us - I left the camera at home...but Grandma did get a couple good family pictures for us...FINALLY!!!
Tucker does so well for a 15 month old to hold a baby!!!
Let's see how tall we are...Toby too...until his legs gave out and he had to take a seat!Tucker has a new pose he does at home - it looks like a headstand so I coaxed him into doing it here next to the pumpkin man standing on his head.Who are these crazy kids???There was a 6-7 month old Yellow Lab and Tucker LOVES dogs...we'll probably get another next summer because of this...I wish we had a video - he was hilarious he and the dog talking back and forth - you can see Sep laughing in the background.Very cool trucks to play on - the slide came out of the back of the JEEP - and Tucker & Daddy had a BALL on this special slide with TWO bumps in it. It was so fun to watch!And finally, a family picture - on a lazy sunday afternoon...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

September Fun..

At the end of September Sep's older of two sisters got married. We headed to Indiana for the event and what an event of a weekend we had...as most of you know the biggest memory next to Jessica getting married was the spider invasion we had! eek! Enjoy the pics of our nieces & nephews and Gram & Papaw in Indiana.

I was awful at taking pictures and didn't get ONE of the wedding...and Jessica was absolutely stunning! I'm so sorry!!! Here are some fun pics ad LOTS of videos!!

Sunday night at Grammy & Papaw's we had some fun outside with a cricket. Evan, Maddy (Dave & Jenny's kids) & Tucker had a ball. Lanee (Chelsea & Donnie's little girl) was safe on Grammy's lap...but she'll have her debut later. Toby of course just enjoyed the scenery...We had a very nice time Sunday night. It was good to be with family and eat some good Pot Pie that Grammy made!

Lanee tells Uncle Sep about the Moon...and some more things wer're not too sure about. Is she a doll or what?!?!
Lanee's "I Love You's" TOO CUTE!!! I didn't realize until the end that I had the camera sideways, sorry!
And Lanee seeing her Daddy come home from work. It just took her breath away to see him.

Lanee at the rehearsal...it's hard work being a flower girl - she had to stop for a drink.

Tucker & Lanee sharing a snack...I guess Tucker was sympathizing with Lanee getting overworked so he had a snack with her! :)

So, yes those were the only two pictures I took until Sunday night with our bug fun at Grammy & Papaw's. Here is Tucker getting down from giving Aunt Jenny a hug.

Evan & Maddy checking out the cricket. Evan loved the cricket but just could not touch him. It was too funny.

Time for Evan, Uncle Dave, Aunt Jenny & Maddy to leave. Lanee gives Evan a hug & kiss goodbye.

Sometimes I am a stinker...

Ok...let me get set for a cute picture!

Tucker just having a ball with all his Indiana Cousins...

Look at the smile! She's so precious!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Who's Bumbo?

When Toby is not using the Bumbo Tucker likes to use it for comedy relief for his parents. What a busy boy he is! A step stool to the coffee table.so I can climb up on it!!!!
He fell after the previous picture and landed just like this. He looked at me and just bust out laughing!
He kind of fits inside of it - when he really gets sat down in there and attempts to get up it is usually stuck to his bottom!!

Me?? Hurt MY Brother???

We have it documented, folks...Tucker attempting to seriously injur his brother. Yes, it does happen. It's in public that he only kisses him...at home he still kisses him; but hits and kicks too! All in fun...I think...Enjoy!

Here we are looking all cute and showing how much we love each other... Tucker has his little giggle attack and Toby is getting nervous...
He starts with a kiss or two or three or a head butt or two or three...Toby is getting quite worried...
Uh-oh...where is he?
Oh no...it's gonna be a big hit - he's even off of the love seat. I'd better prepare myself for the worst.
He's back and getting ready to pounce as Toby awaits the pain...This is a great in-action shot. Tob has been hit once already by the sipee cup. Sep is telling Tucker "DO NOT HIT YOUR BROTHER..WE DO NOT HIT." Tucker is winding up to see if Daddy really means it (again...)

Getting ready for the "Body slam!!!"In this one you can see the red mark on this side of Toby's head and Tucker distracting him to get another hit in.

***I need to add a disclaimer here...we were sitting them on the Love seat to take a picture when this all transpired...we WERE NOT setting Toby up to be beat on by his big brother. We diverted many attempts Tucker had of injuring Toby; but one snuck by as you can see...***Toby moves, misses the hit, and Tucker is getting off the loveseat to devise another plan of attack.Oh no...he didn't get off the love seat..why is my Mom still taking pictures and not holding me?? (Mommy is thinking this very thing!!)

Mommy gets up on the loveseat to sit with the Tob Man and attempt to tame the child who has just fully recharged with a 3 hr nap. Tucker moves in for the "quick kick" and Mommy gets the catch in time!

Tucker is tired of getting stopped by Mommy & Daddy and decided to sit for awhile...

Here the boys are cuddling. Toby is finding his hands this past week and has been reaching out to Tucker's face and touching him and Tucker thinks it's so funny.

All is well...all is calm for a minute or two - although I'm not sure Tob is convinced. :)

Oh, the video evidence of a few minutes prior to all of this!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hard Working Night...

Tucker had to earn his keep tonight...first he helped Mommy change her new license plates...
Leaving scratches on the bumper...He sees a screwdriver that is not being hidden from his touch...I had to snap the picture quick!All done...and quite pooped!Then...we brought in our best garage sale find of the summmer! $4 I say...$4!!!!
And as anyone with boys knows...of course you have to climb inside, over, around and above to make sure it's sturdy for leaping off of later on...It passed the sturdiness test...so let's check out if it makes noise!
Even Daddy's hands got in on the action!
Looks like a carpenter to me!
Tucker was so ecstatic about the drill!! It really made us giggle. If you listen you can hear Toby on my lap...that's why the camera is a little bouncy too...

And of course - a little hammer banging action to top off the night! And in case you're wondering...yes, the hammer was tested out on Toby's head as well...we're not showing the pictures of that! My goodness - boys will be boys!