Friday, June 29, 2007


Toby passed with flying colors! He did so well we were out in 30 minutes and all is well! We'll update more this weekend. Thank you for your prayers this morning.
I haven't done an informational update on the pregnancy in awhile; I will do it this weekend, but here's a prayer request for you my friends to lift up today.

Hi Friends.

Just wanted to update you. I wanted to do this last night, but didn't get to it. The biophysical profile of the baby went well yesterday and the follow up at the Drs office was OK. The heartrate had a baseline of about 105 and dips down to around 80 and up to about 130. Dr. Kuhn is not okay with this until she KNOWS that the baby just has a lower heartrate. She wants to rule any dangers out and we truly apprecaite it.

So...this morning at 7:30 we will be at the hospital to be hooked up to monitor the baby's heart until Dr. Kuhn is okay with it all.

Please, pray for our son, Toby. Yes - it is a boy! We're so thankful for Dr's who truly care and use the wisdom God has given them to give us the best care possible.

Thanks, friends. We'll update when we can.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tucker is ONE!!!!

On Friday he'll officially be ONE...but we had his pics done tonight. He was a ball!

This one just cracks me need to see it alone! What a stinker!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Holy Cow!!!

Holy Cow! I went into the site where I made the slideshow of "Dirt Day" to change a setting on it...and it says it has been viewed 1,331 times!!! Are you kidding me??
Who are all you people?

Please, do tell! We don't bite!

We Will Rock You

We went to Indiana for Memorial Day and had a nice visit. I have lots of pics to share; but here are a few from when we were with Sep's Dad & StepMom and his Memaw. Memaw (Sep's Grandma) gave Tucker the truck that plays "We Will Rock You" and he just LOVES it!

It was fun to watch him and HILARIOUS to watch Tucker's Papaw playing with him. Hope you enjoy the videos, we sure do! Thank you Jesus, for grandparents who LOVE their grandson. We know this new baby will be loved just as much.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Somebody Graduated...

Somebody had a big day a bit ago...

All lined up and ready to go!

Somebody just saw their BIG sister walking into the room!!! Singing her heart out...Jayna "The Graduate" with her Grandma...who she LOVES to give a hard time! :)Jayna "The Graduate" with Uncle Sep, Aunt Allison & TuckerThe Graduate with her Mommy, Daddy & little sister...

Way to go, Bug! Aunt Allison, Uncle Sep & Tucker are so proud of you! Glad we could be there to celebrate with you! We love you!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Pops!
Mom thinks you guys are the same age of 56 now...but I reminded her that she's still 6 months older....

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bath and No Bottle

Tucker LOVES bath's no secret. Tonight Sep took a picture during bath time. Tucker was standing up hollering at him (I am leaning over the tub) He's truly a boy...the world is his urinal! ha ha Tonight while he was hollering at Sep my arm got're right while this picture was being taken Tucker was peeing on Mommy's arm. Oh, the joys of motherhood!
Dr. Juarbe said at 11.5 months to go bottle free. Well, today is 11.5 months. We've tried to take his night bottle away three or so other times and it was tragic. He just likes the bottle so much more than the sippee cup. But...the bottle doesn't put him to sleep and a nightime bottle is all he's had for about 4 weeks now...Well, what a big boy he is posing for Daddy. He was sitting with Mommy on the couch (yes, I'm about to explode...6 weeks to go...July 19 is the day...) having a glass of milk and a couple graham crackers. If you look close you can see his milk mustache! You can also see his cute bruise on his face from falling on a little school bus at Miss Kerry's. There is lots of falling going on these days with him being so close to walking.

Anyway...back to the no bottle. He did great tonight! He ate a graham cracker and drank his little cup of warm milk. He cuddled with Mommy for awhile on the couch with his blanket and then Daddy put him in his bed when he couldn't get quite comfortable. We haven't heard a peep out of him yet and it's just shy of 2 hours...hopefully we'll make it through the night. Although this boy loves a good night's sleep. He's been sleeping through the night since about 6 months or so...we're praying for child #2...if they're only half as laid back as this boy we'll be ok! :)

Purple Heart...

Two new experiences for me this week. I've never witnessed the awarding of a Purple Heart until this week...and I've never been to the funeral of soldier killed in war.

Our small town of Coleman (est. population 1,200) lost a soldier in Iraq May 25. On May 24, 2007 Casey Zylman, 23, was injured in Tallafar, Iraq when a bomb detonated near his vehicle. On May 25, 2007 in Mosul, Iraq, he died of serious wounds.

I went to school with Amie, Casey's older sister. Though Amie and I were far from close friends we new each other well and were involved in many of the same extra curricular activities. She & I both sang at our HS Graduation in 1995.

I decided to attend the funeral this past Monday in honor of her brother who gave his life as a soldier for our country. It was a rather large funeral, I don't know how many folks; but there were lots of people in the Coleman HS Gymnasium that day. It was eerily quiet for how many folks were in there..I'd say 500-700 people.

Our community is unfortunately no stranger to death in young folks. But, it has been awhile since our community mourned the loss of a soldier. Amie spoke briefly of her brother, her only sibling. As it would be for most of you, it was very sad to see someone hurting so much.

There is so much talk of whether the war is right or wrong and I won't even begin to make our blog a place for discussion regarding. Regardless of our views on the war; we as Americans, have a responsibility to support our troops.

We as Americans also have the freedom to choose life! Choose to have an eternal life and to live your everyday on earth to the fullest potential for God's glory! It is true...we all have a purpose - a purpose that GOD has defined for us!

Friday, June 01, 2007

In the recent days...

In the recent days Tucker has been showing his "boy" self...

1. Eating dirt at Grandma's (silly face...half blink I guess)2. Another shot...still not looking at the camera!!! :)
3. Daddy took Tucker for a ride on Gma & Gpa's quad the other day and now whenever we go to Grandma's, Tucker crawls into the garage and sits patiently by the 4 wheeler for someone to take him for another ride. While they're riding Tucker smacks on the gas can and hollers right outloud. It's too cute!
4. We bought a double stroller the other day and Mom used it the other day for Autumn and Carly. When we were at Grandma's the other day Jayna wanted to see if she could fit into it and of course she could...well, Tucker could NOT resist her hair...I see visions in my future with this new baby if Tucker sits in the backseat! Too bad Jayna was trapped in there. And, good thing she was a good sport - she thought it was hilarious!