Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So grown up...

He's getting so grown up!!! This is the big boy Tuesday morning before we left for Miss Kerry's.

He's so happy!!! What a blessing the big boy is!

Good Boy...

Last Friday Tucker & I went to see Dr. Juarbe and not just for a chit chat! :) Tucker has Bronchitis and a Sinus Infection right now so Dr. Juarbe put him back on breathing treatments as well as an antibiotic. We've been trying some new ways to give him his treatments so he doesn't get so upset with them...well, tonight was hilarious!

I was lying on the floor with him so Sep grabbed the camera...Tucker took the mask off and my first reaction was to put it back on...

(see Tucker checking me out below...)

but actually it was probably the best thing he could have done...He did really well when holding it by himself with no mask on it AND I offered him his sippee cup after he was done and he wanted his breathing machine attachment instead! He's such a good boy!

And the baby will be called....

Yes, it's true - this little turkey didn't want to tell his parents if he was a boy or girl!!! Oh well. It's not the end of the world, although it seems it for these parents who are planners!

We did get some great pictures of Pat (Sep hates that I'm calling the baby Pat now..) See below. They also told us that the Dr would discuss it more with us but to expect an earlier July baby than the anticipated later July baby - that he/she is measuring a little further ahead that what we thought. It makes very clear sense since they pushed us back 3 weeks already from our original due date. I have a Doctor's appointment on Friday and we'll see what Dr. Johnson has to say. They couldn't get clear pictures of the spine or the top of the head (for a circumference) so she said to expect to need another ultrasound. If that's the case that Pat & I will have a little talk before we come in! ha ha!!
(sucking his/her foot)
(giving Aunt Tanya the peace sign)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Clap Your Hands!!!!

Tucker finally does this when we ask; not just when he wants so we were able to get it on video. He's so stinkin cute!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

That's awful...

Sep & I had some wonderful treats for Valentine's, but they were so rich we saved the second half for tonight...well, Tucker was on Sep's lap while he was eating his after dinner and it was hilarious!
Mmmm...that looks yummy Dad...what have you got?
Why aren't you giving me a bite??? Let me check it out on my own...
I can't believe you're eating that right in front of me and not even offering me a bite...that's just awful!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SuperTuckerboy!!!

Thank you Grandma Hess for my Valentine Superman towel!!

Here they are...

Here it is...a picture of the two teeth!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Such a big boy...

Tucker is just really growing and we're loving every minute of it. He's so fun!!!

He's been "using" a sippee cup for a bit now as a teether with occassionally getting a drink out of it. But tonight he guzzled down the water down. He was just loving it!

Tuckerboy has 2 teeth now, his bottom two.

He's so stinkin cute we can't believe it!!! He's getting so so tall too!!! We weighed him on Autumn's scale the other night and he was just a hair over 22 lbs. He's so so solid.

Tucker is trying so hard to talk. It's hilarious. He's actually shouting Dad and then unfortunately he's picking up spitting too - not sure from who; but it's hilarious...we'll try to get it on tape and even though we don't want to encourage it, the spitting is so hilarious. He's such a great baby!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Papaw & Memaw Visit...

Papaw & Memaw came in for a quick visit this weekend. (Sep's Dad & Stepmom). It took Tucker staring them down for a few minutes, but he quickly remembered them. Here's a few pictures of their visit...We had a nice time.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The results are in...

No, not the sex results of the baby...but my first Gestational Diabetes Test! Due to family history of diabetes they choose to have me test earlier and later in my pregnancy for Gestational Diabetes.

The results are in....I passed with flying colors with a 118!!!

Woo hoo! My next test will be around 27 weeks.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007's cold!!!

If you're in Mid Michigan right now you know it is freezing!!! This morning on my way to work my Mountaineer said it was -17 outside!!!! Man, it's just so cold! Here's how it's affecting us...

Yesterday Sep's truck wouldn't start (No he doesn't drive a semi; but his big ole F350 almost is the size of one, I think!!)...the cold is very hard on a diesel engine and he must have drawn the lucky card for this one...we've got a call into our mechanic to have him replace the heating element so his fuel can't gel in the cold. He'll get a few other battery things done as well...

Also last night we spent the evening in
Labor & Delivery. Because Sep's truck wouldn't start yesterday he took my truck to work and Tucker and I stayed home. After I got Tucker down for an afternoon nap, I went outside to get the mail. It's so cold here that the snow on the ground/driveway is like ice. It was mucho slippery; so I slid along - no biggee...but on the way back I was too busy looking at the mail apparently and not paying attention to my steps! I totally wiped out in the middle of the road and went down hard. I fell on my left side.

I thought I was fine; but to be cautious I told Sep. He insisted we go make sure the baby was ok. I thought I was fine. He said call the Dr's office and if they say you're fine, then we won't go it. I thought I was fine (did I mention that?) Kathleen, our wonderful OB nurse, said I needed to go to Labor & Delivery and have heart tones done just to make sure. Well....what a long evening!!! Initially they couldn't find the heartbeat after 35-45 minutes of searching, but we were hearing movement.

So...they called our Dr to tell them they could hear movement and I was feeling fine; no other symptoms. Sep & I were OK with this as well since we could hear the movement too so we were ready to go. After about 15 minutes the nurse came back and said Dr. Kuhn said no leaving until we hear heart tones!!! I got back up on the bed, grumbling, but thankful for a thorough Dr.

Right away the nurse, (Jeanine who helped with Autumn that day), found the heartbeat at a strong 150!!! That's just about the rate it's been all along! Woo hoo!!! After all that time of waiting Sep was starving!!! As soon as he had gotten home from work I was waiting at the door with Tucker (who stayed with Grandma) and we headed to the hospital. A Big Mac was on order for my patient husband.

Thank you God, for protecting our family last night. I thought I was fine all along, but it's ALWAYS good to hear the heartbeat of the child in my womb that you're creating! Thank you for life.

Sorry for the long time I'll be shorter and have pictures of OUR family! :)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fun Friday

We had a fun time last night - wished Mom would have joined us :) but we had a nice night.

Tucker having some bananas that were obviously lip smackin good!

Tucker laughing - a very common occurrence -he's such a happy boy!!!

And finally, Tucker doing his orangutan impression.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Early Mornings...

Tucker is a morning boy, for sure! That's ok - his Mom is too, and his Dad usually is! :) Here's a picture of Tuckerboy this morning. He's wearing an outfit my boss bought him so I had to take a picture to send to her. He's too cute! And too happy! We just love him to pieces! On another note...if you've been praying and following the Buck family, Josh arrived at Mary Free Bed last night! Praise God! Please continue to pray for all of them as we can only imagine the life change ahead; but pray for strength for Josh as he begins his intense therapy first thing this morning.