Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Taylor Joy...the Fairy

Taylor Joy just stopped by with her Mommy, Daddy & little sister Carly to do some "Trick'NTreatin'"....she's so cute and so happy!

Happy Halloween!!

Obviously Tucker will not be trick or treating since he's too small to reap the benefits; but he did wear his "froggy" outfit (Thanks Ang & Doug) to Miss Kerry's today. He was too cute!!

Tucker got a few treats today and one of them was a pumpkin rattle from Miss Kerry. He can't live without it. He held it all the way home, he held it while he ate his bottle...

he held it while falling asleep...

and he's still holding it while he's sleeping...

Thank you God for our blessing of Tucker boy!! And thank you, Miss Kerry for the rattle...

Jesus Loves Me!

Tucker's friend (and ours), Deb T., got this little lamb for Tucker before we even knew he would be our little "Tucker".

Deb prayed for him, our new little lamb, before he was even born. And this Sunday Tucker fell in love with this little lamb that Miss Deb bought for him. The little lamb's feet say, "Jesus Loves Me". It's too cute and he can't get enough of him.

And look how big of a boy I'm getting to be!!! So tall!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rolling Over

2 Videos

Sorry to disappoint...stay tuned for the full roll... :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm Cute!!

Sitting with Mommy and looking cute in my Bibs!!!

Tucker had his 4 month check up yesterday. 4 Immunizations for him a 1 flu shot for Jayna.

Tucker is....a growing boy!!!
17lbs 3 oz (90th Percentile)
25.25 inches (70th Percentile)

Good Morning once again!

Good Morning once again!

Jayna and Tucker posing this morning. They're fun!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Countdown....and Cider

Video #1

Some pictures of Jayna Bug posing...she's stinkin hilarious!

Video #2

Monday, October 23, 2006

Good Early Monday Morning!!!

Jayna was an early riser this morning!!! She was excited to see Tucker but he wasn't up yet and we were still getting ready...so...Aunt Allison convinced her she could cuddle on the couch with my (Aunt Allison's) blanket. (Thanks Chels & Donnie I love it!!!) So...this is our early morning today...watch tomorrow for a video about our countdown to see Mommy, Daddy & Autumn Friday!!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tucker Meets Exersaucer

Last night Daddy introduced the Exersaucer. It was a hit to say the least...

2 Fingers....

I was a bit fussy this afternoon (Tucker) and that is very unusual for me...all I needed was my fingers.

Tucker has become quite attached to his fingers; it's cute. You can't misplace fingers like you can a paci...

Friday, October 20, 2006

It's Half-Day Friday!!!

It's Half-Day Friday!!!

Part 1:

Part 2:

And me showing off my hair:

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Good Thursday Morning Folks!!!!

We've got a live one here!!! (sounds like pool time at Jayna's)

Here you go Mommy & Daddy...and please notice my pigtails are Michigan colors, maze and blue, for Autumn. I picked them out myself. And they're not for Aunt Allison. (Jayna's a turkey!!)

And one of Jayna being silly - she was super silly this morning. She slept too good I guess!!! Sorry it's sideways - there's not enough time to fix it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good Wednesday Morning!!!

It's a good Wednesday morning, but no Jayna today. Daddy surprised her last night and came home....I heard they had a great time that included dinner at "Wanda's" (Yesterday's Depot) and major swingset time and lots of football in the backyard!!!! Aaron said she was super pooped, but they both needed some daddy - daughter time. I can't wait to hear all about it when I pick her up today. She stayed at home last night with Daddy, what a treat - her own bed!!!

Dad-Daughter time is so special; I loved my time with Dad in the mornings on our drives to work (and the drives home for that matter). What a precious memory with him. I'm thankful for my Dad today and I'm thankful for the special relationship that God allows Dad's and daughters to have. By the way...I loved my time with Dad in a lot of ways - our drives just seemed to be so pleasant in recent months before he passed. God knew.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good Tuesday Morning!!

Good Morning!

And with my hair done...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Look how far we've come...

Autumn is making huge strides. We serve such a Sovereign God. We're so thankful we're HIS children. Please see Aaron & Jen's blog for updates. http://www.hessfam.blogspot.comWe'll be home this week and J-Bug will be spending it with us. Stay tuned for some good updates from Jayna for sure! She's a ball of fun and Tucker can't get enough of her!!

This is the first photo of Autumn - Aaron took our camera in that Saturday before they took her down to UofM. She looks so so good now (see her progression above)...you can see and read more at their blog. She loooks even better now. She gains a tiny more each day.

Go God!!!

Big Boy Bath VIDEO!!!!

Let's see if this one will work - Tucker is just LOVING bathtime in the tub as a free boy!! We broke out the rubber duckies this time (well, a couple of them...just for you Jules)

Everything in my mouth...

I love putting my blankees in my mouth. I have two favorites right now. This one from Mary and one from Randy & Jenny. He can't sleep with out Jenny's blanket.

Tucker & Mommy

Tucker & I were playing today while I was lying on the couch and Sep took some pictures. He was laughing so hard - it was too cute. Sorry some of them are blurry...

He also had some fun in his BUMBO today...if he could talk I think he'd be saying, "Daddy - She's taking my picture AGAIN!"

And Sep took a few from the floor view the other morning...drool and all! Tucker is a drooling machine!!!

Grandpa Shutes

In the waiting room Sept 30 - waiting to hear about Jen & Autumn; Jayna's Grandpa Shutes shared a lap with Taylor & Jayna. I had to post both pictures since Jayna decided to smile after I told her I would post it on the blog. What a stinker!

Scrubbed Up

It's only fair to show some great pics of Aaron from a couple Saturday's ago... Jayna's face is hilarious in the second one...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Big Boy Bath

While staying in Ann Arbor, Tucker had a big boy bath and wow did he love it!! It was so fun to see him kick and stir - we took a small video; but it's not too appropriate to show. (sorry, I wasn't thinking) For now, here are some great pictures! Not only did he kick and splash up a storm he talked the whole way through it. Tucker is talking all of the time now.
What a blessing he is. We just love him to pieces.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Day of Building Strength

Autumn had a good day today. It started out rough, but she made progress today - her body is working very hard. See Aaron & Jen's blog for updates. http://www.hessfam.blogspot.com

We came home tonight to catch up on some laundry; love our little boy - he's been without Mommy & Daddy for a day and overnight (Thanks, Aunt Vicki & Uncle Eldon). We'll be heading back down in the morning Aaron, Sep, Tucker & I to U of M where Mom & Jen are tonight. It was nice for us to be together today. Justin and Brenda were at the hospital today as well, as was Jayna. It's back to school for Jayna for the rest of the week. Please pray for her and her transition of life right now. It sure is a lot on a 5 year old!

We're getting a big storm here tonight. (wow, that was random)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The God I Serve...

I still love the God I serve...just as much today as yesterday, probably a bit more.

The more time they took examining Autumn after they stabilized her they found some significant set-backs today. Please pray for Autumn. She is still at UofM NICU and will be for the long haul.

1. Her kidneys appear to not be working. Tests tomorrow.
2. Her liver appears to not be working. Tests tomorrow.
3. Blood in her bladder (catheter) Test tomorrow; probably related to kidney issues.
4. Platelet count. The normal platelet count for a newborn is 150,000; this morning hers was 17,000 - they gave her one dose or platelets and she is up to 30,000 and maintaining that. They will continue to give her and pray her body maintains as they build her up.
5. She is still receiving blood continuously to get her blood count back up from all of the blood she lost.
6. Her heart is strong.
7. Her lungs/breathing is stable.
8. Neurologically - she is very stable.
9. She's gorgeous, just gorgeous and looks great - you would have no idea she is so sick.
10. Hopefully Jen will get released tomorrow from Midland and they will go stay down in Ann Arbor for awhile. If not tomorrow, it will most likely be Tuesday. Jen's blood count is 2/3 of the level that it should be. She lost some blood during the emergency c-section.
11. God is still good.
12. I still love the God I serve.
13. God is bigger.
14. I love the God that I serve who has POWER.
15. I love the God that I serve loves me and Autumn, and Tuckerboy, and Jayna, and Taylor and Carly and.......etc....and YOU too!
16. Family, family, family...we know we need 'em....thank you God for a caring family. (Yes, we unbelievably miss Dad and his ROCK right now, but we serve that same ROCK that gave him the strength to be our ROCK in times like these.)
17. I loved seeing Tucker tonight - he's been staying with Miss Deb and Katie. They are such a blessing. I think I will let him sleep in the recliner with me if he wants tonight...I'm a softee, what can I say?
18. God is good - He will heal Autumn in HIS way and HIS timing and HE will help us to understnad HIS will. I know because I asked him to.
19. Autumn Faith Hess was 6 lbs 11 oz...
20. Jayna can write Autumn Faith Hess; we worked on it in the lobby at Motts Children Hospital tonight.
21. I'm going to bed - Sep is snoring next to me.
22.I got to hold Autumn's hand tonight...she's so precious
23. I love the God I serve.